Dream of Being Initiated by Blood Covenant

Dream of Being Initiated by Blood Covenant

Blood signifies life, and it has to do with death too. So when you dream of being initiated by blood covenant, it can mean quite a lot of dangerous as well as life-redeeming things. In this article, there shall be talks about the many things that seeing blood can mean. Well, to be more particular, whatever shall be discussed must be suitably related to making covenant of blood either as a cult group or by any position possible.

Blood covenant is a powerful bonding ritual which is practiced with a purpose to tie a relationship down, or to permanently establish some spiritual connection between two persons, things, or between a human being and a mysterious creature in the spiritual realm.

To many, covenant especially blood covenant is a symbolic identity that is not ordinary and it is not meant to be. In different religions across the world, the blood covenant is a respected rite which is strongly regarded to be as effective as the faith they hold in the first place. Particularly, the Christians are known for this practice. The Hebrew Bible makes reference to a number of covenants.

Saw Yourself Initiated by Blood Covenant in Dream?

So many examples of covenants such as Noahic Covenant (in Genesis), which is between God and all living creatures, as well as a number of more specific covenants with Abraham, the whole Israelite people, the Israelite priesthood, and the Davidic lineage of kings. The one that is mostly respected and considered more efficacious among all of them is the blood covenant of Jesus Christ.

Is it because it has to with human blood? Maybe! However, when you dream of being initiated by blood covenant, either human blood or animal blood, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that some life is involved and for life to be involved, it has got to be some serious situation!

Sacred Binding

Blood is the soul of people. Blood is a substance that keeps people alive. Anything that affect the blood affect the whole part of the body. No person can survive without the blood. In the spiritual realm, blood can be used as a form of binding agreement and covenant. Others uses it to gain witchcraft purposes through blood shedding and sacrifice. Strong Christians uses the blood of Jesus as a defense, power or protection.
The Bible  considers blood as a very strong force against the enemy. The blood of Jesus is a very active and powerful. When you confront the devil with the blood of Jesus they would flee immediately. Such powers are afraid to challenge with the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus settles all in battles.

Loss of Blessings

Several people loses their blessings from the dream. When your blessings are lost in the dream it becomes hard to to prosper. Blood in the dream is a very sensitive one. Any dream that has to do with blood someone has to be very careful.
The moment there are blood bleeding in the dream, it showcase the lost of virtues and opportunities. It becomes worst when you see someone drinking your blood in the dream.
Many people entered into blood covenant for one purpose or the other. Blood covenant with the devil put your life at risk. So dreaming about the blood is a tough one. We have animal blood, blood of the innocent blood crying against those who has been dedicated to them.
Ancestral powers thrive on human blood in their attempt to elongate their lives and to commit evils. A person that has involved himself or herself through blood covenant whether in the dream or in the physical, the enemies always declare his life for zero troubles. It is possible too for a spiritual kingdom to demand for blood to resuscitate their power.


Our dear Jesus uses the blood as a form of redemption for our sins. The blood of Jesus has come to deliver us from the workers of ungodly men. The blood of Jesus is here to speak mercy and victory into us.
When you dream where you are seeing blood; the blood you don’t know the source, someone is forcing you to drink the blood, you have found blood stain on your cloth or anything, it shows that there is a an urgent need for deliverance. It is telling you that you are being controlled by vampire and vulture spirit of your father’s house. These stubborn spirits drink blood and eat flesh in the spirit.

Bad Omen

This dream is an indication that something terrible is about to happen. It also means that you are operating on a covenant of the evil powers of your father’s house. You will notice that all your expectations would be cut off. So such dream tells you have been baptize under ancestral covenant.
As a woman, if you dream that you are seeing blood, it is a sign of tragedy, bad luck and marital problem. An indication of miscarriage. It means you have to pray more because someone may be using your blood as a form of sacrifice in the evil kingdom.
And God saw that wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Other Interpretations:

  • Painful relationship
  • Barrenness
  • Marital problem
  • Spiritual Dryness
  • Tragedy
  • Loss of any kinds
  • Curse of non – achievement
  • Unfruitfulness
  • Sickness and disease
  • Sign of bad luck
  • Unprofitable business or career
  • Disappointments and frustrations
  • Rejection and hatred
  • Bad news

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