Best High Schools in Canada and their Possible Costs

Here is the list of the best high schools in Canada and their possible costs. This is prepared for you to have some full knowledge about some of the very notable secondary schools or high schools in Canada which can count on as long as the expenses are concerned.

A school’s price-tag is important. While schools with higher tuition rates are less affordable, they also tend to have some great perks. They often have impressive facilities, lots of extracurricular activities, and ample technological resources, specialized programs, and student support services. Some pricier schools have also built up a strong reputation, in Canada and abroad.

Cost, though, shouldn’t be confused with excellence. Just because a school is expensive doesn’t mean it’s a great school, or more to the point, the right fit for you child. In choosing a school, you should look at far more than price. You’ll also want to consider its academics, programs, community, culture, and much more.

In addition to the high quality of their knowledge imparting methods, diplomas from high schools in Canada and other equivalent qualifications reap the benefits of a safe and stable political system. Further, with affordable tuition fees, Canadian high schools do not impose any major challenges for international students who want to live and study on a budget in Canada.

These high schools offer a range of opportunities for international students because of the large number of tie-ups they have with premium educational institutions in the world. These also help students with their university preparation. Furthermore, the Canadian secondary education degree or qualification is internationally recognized and won’t pose an issue for the student’s higher education at the university level.

Best High Schools in Canada and their Possible Costs

As part of the list of the best high schools in Canada and their possible costs, we will be bringing to your understanding the catalogue of the most expensive high schools in Canada. Below are some of them:

Most Expensive High Schools in Canada

School Location Grades Tuition
1 Ridley College  St. Catharines, ON  JK to 12 $25,875 to $82,500
2 Appleby College Oakville, ON  7 to 12 $40,020 to $79,870
3 Stanstead College Stanstead, QC  7 to 12 $25,455 to $79,770
4 Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning  Belleville, ON  1 to 12 $27,500 to $79,750
5 Lakefield College School Lakefield, ON  9 to 12 $38,600 to $79,200
6 Bishop’s College School   Sherbrooke, QC  7 to 12 $30,000 to $75,710
7 Albert College Belleville, ON  PS to 12 $18,700 to $75,400
8 St. Michaels University School Victoria, BC  K to 12 $21,095 to $75,360
9 Glenlyon Norfolk School Victoria, BC  JK to 12 $20,840 to $73,145
10 Upper Canada College  Toronto, ON  SK to 12  $36,750 to $71,875
11 Shawnigan Lake School  Shawnigan Lake, BC  8 to 12 $28,500 to $71,300
12 Trafalgar Castle School Whitby, ON  4 to 12  $26,125 to $70,625
13 St. Andrew’s College Aurora, ON  5 to 12  $37,655 to $70,095
14 Queen Margaret’s School Duncan, BC  PS to 12  $14,413 to $69,313
15 Bishop Strachan School  Toronto, ON  JK to 12  $35,800 to $69,145
16 Rothesay Netherwood School Rothesay, NB  6 to 12 $24,520 to $69,100
17 St. Margaret’s School Victoria, BC  JK to 12  $17,200 to $69,100
18 Oakwood Academy  Mississauga, ON JK to 12 $20,180 to $68,860
19 Havergal College  Toronto, ON  JK to 12  $36,950 to $68,540
20 Trinity College School Port Hope, ON  5 to 12 $25,750 to $68,500
21 Pickering College Newmarket, ON  JK to 12 $26,520 to $67,075
22 Branksome Hall Toronto, ON  JK to 12  $33,630 to $66,805
23 Rosseau Lake College Rosseau, ON  7 to 12 $22,700 to $66,300
24 Brentwood College School Mill Bay, BC  8 to 12 $25,700 to $66,000
25 Robert Land Academy  Wellandport, ON  5 to 12  $61,200 to $65,200

Top 5 of the Best High Schools

We have been to select at least five most popularly known high schools which any international students from across the world trust for the best of education and delivery. Check them out:

  • Rosseau College

Rosseau Lake College is a private boarding school located on the shores of Lake Rosso in the Ontario province. It has approximately 150 students, over 40% of whom are international students. The only language used here is English.

This school has expansive lush-green gardens with rich flora and fauna that open up the students’ hearts and minds to environmental literacy. Additionally, the track record of the school is exceptional, with over 90% of its graduates taking admission in some of the best universities around the world.

Popular extracurricular activities offered here include music, drama, and photography. The school pays equal importance to the child’s academic and personal growth by taking them out into the world from time to time to open up new horizons.

  • Columbia International College

Columbia International College is the country’s largest boarding school situated in Hamilton in Ontario province. It is often regarded as one of the best high schools in Canada. A unique Personal Success Plan is designed for every student attending the school based on their intensity and duration of learning, their dream university for undergraduate studies, the core subjects they studied in each semester, and their academic strengths.

The institute has been admitting a large number of students from outside Canada to the private high school. Keeping this in mind, the faculty has developed a special Total Care Education System for international students to better hone their academic, sports, creative and psychological pursuits in a new country and become on a par with the Canadians in their class.

The school board is heavily focused on the students’ admission rate into the world’s top universities, such as Imperial College, University of Hong Kong, and King’s College. This shows in their 100% admission track record that majorly attracts international students to the high school.

  • Brookes Shawnigan Lake

This institute is ranked among the Top 30 prestigious secondary schools in Canada and the British Columbia province. There are nearly 450 students, each of whom is paid special attention by the faculty. The school promotes a friendly environment that inculcates the virtue of mutual respect among students and the staff alike.

The students benefit from a cosmopolitan environment. Among other things, the school is known for its chefs who prepare dishes from many cuisines.  There is also a concurrent focus on physical activities. The school has many sports teams that have won awards at the national level under the guidance of the best coaches.

Moreover, the school also offers a number of other creative activities for students that help them discover and build their talents and go on to be admitted to some of the best universities.

  • Ridley College

Located in St. Catharines in Ontario province, this high school has over 600 students, about 20% of whom are from abroad. Students get to enjoy the best of all worlds at the picturesque campus — excellent academic facilities to learn about technology, business, art, design, etc., recreational activities to unwind, and sports infrastructure to stay fit.

In this school, 100% of graduates end up in the best universities of Canada and the US. The programmes at the high school level include high school education with and without AP courses (giving the opportunity to advance a particular subject’s knowledge) and International Baccalaureate.

  • Bodwell High School

The Bodwell High School is in North Vancouver in the British Columbia province and welcomes about 650 students from over 40 countries every year. The culturally rich and diverse environment at the institute makes it one of the best high schools in Canada, perfect for learning, having fun, playing sports, and making friends for a lifetime.

The school also offers scholarships to the students to help them in their education at the university level. By building individuals who possess strong leadership skills, academic capabilities, creativity, and initiative, the high school paves the way for its graduates to go on and become successful professionals in a multitude of fields.

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