Top 10 Highest Yam Producing States in Nigeria

Yam is a starchy tuber vegetable that is widely cultivated and consumed in many parts of the world, especially in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It is an important staple food crop and holds cultural significance in various cuisines and traditions. Yam is a popular food in Nigeria, deeply embedded in the country’s cultural and culinary heritage. Nigeria is the largest yam producer in the world, accounting for over 70% of the global yam production. Yam production is spread across various states in Nigeria, with some states significantly contributing to the overall output.

Here are the top 10 highest yam producing states in Nigeria, highlighting their importance in yam cultivation and their impact on the nation’s agriculture.

Benue State

Benue State is renowned as the “Food Basket of the Nation” due to its vast agricultural output, including yam production. The state boasts fertile lands suitable for yam cultivation and favorable climatic conditions. Local farmers in Benue State employ traditional and modern farming techniques to cultivate yams, making it the leading yam producing state in Nigeria.

Nasarawa State

Nasarawa State is another major player in yam production. The state’s agricultural landscape, with its rich soil and adequate rainfall, supports extensive yam farming. Yam cultivation in Nasarawa State contributes significantly to the state’s economy and sustains livelihoods across various rural communities.

Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State has emerged as a key yam producing state in recent years. The state government’s focus on agriculture and rural development has propelled Ebonyi to the forefront of yam cultivation. Ebonyi’s yam farmers benefit from government support, improved farming techniques, and access to markets, enabling increased productivity.

 Oyo State

Oyo State is a leading agricultural state in Nigeria, with yam being one of its major crops. The state’s diverse agro-ecological zones favor yam cultivation, and local farmers engage in both subsistence and commercial yam farming. Oyo’s yam production contributes significantly to the state’s economy and food security.

Anambra State

Anambra State has a strong agricultural base, with yam being one of its principal crops. The state’s fertile lands and favorable weather conditions support high yam yields. Anambra’s yam farmers utilize innovative farming practices and participate actively in local and international yam markets.

Enugu State

Enugu State is known for its robust agricultural sector, including yam production. The state’s agricultural policies and investments have enhanced yam cultivation, benefiting local farmers and the economy. Enugu’s yam farms supply both local markets and neighboring states.

Plateau State

Plateau State is a significant contributor to Nigeria’s yam production. The state’s cool climate and suitable soils make it ideal for yam cultivation. Plateau’s yam farmers have adopted modern agricultural practices, resulting in increased yields and improved livelihoods.

 Cross River State

Cross River State is notable for its diverse agricultural activities, with yam farming playing a crucial role. The state’s proximity to water bodies and its fertile soils support yam cultivation. Cross River’s yam production contributes to domestic food supply and income generation.

 Kogi State

Kogi State is an emerging yam producing state in Nigeria. The state’s agricultural potential, coupled with government interventions, has led to increased yam cultivation. Kogi’s yam farmers are pivotal in enhancing food security and economic growth within the state.

 Imo State

Imo State completes the list of the top 10 highest yam producing states in Nigeria. The state’s commitment to agricultural development has boosted yam farming, with farmers adopting improved varieties and cultivation techniques. Imo State’s yam production supports local consumption and commercial markets.


Yam production plays a vital role in Nigeria’s agriculture, economy, and food security. The top 10 highest yam producing states highlighted in this article are pivotal in sustaining Nigeria’s position as the leading global yam producer. These states benefit from favorable agricultural conditions, government support, and the dedication of local farmers. Moving forward, continued investments in yam farming, infrastructure, and market access will further enhance Nigeria’s yam production and promote agricultural prosperity nationwide.

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