How To Become An Independent Freight Agent

The transport of goods and materials is an essential part of the nation’s supply chain. On the roads every day, you pass large transport trucks hauling raw goods and products of all types locally and across the country. Billions of pounds of goods are shipped every year and this moving of goods and commerce is essential for modern living. Without effective freight transportation, your local grocery wouldn’t have its vast selection of food items from around the world for purchase all year round. As such, an essential part of retail the freight industry is one that always needs skilled and driven employees to help keep operations functional. If you’ve been looking for a new career being an independent freight agent could be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Being An Independent Freight Agent Offers

As an independent freight agent, you gain many advantages that make it a worthwhile career choice. First among these is the ability to set your schedule. In life, things often happen without your planning, and being able to alter your work hours to deal with health issues, respond to your children’s needs, or any other type of emergency is very useful. Also, sometimes you just want to change your hours or go on vacation, which having full control over your schedule allows you to do. Being independent also allows you the chance to make more money as you control how you work, and who you work with, and don’t have to split your earnings.

Being in control of your client base is also a benefit, as everyone has their own standards, and some customers you may not want to deal with in a professional sense. As an independent agent, you have that choice. As an independent agent, you are not in it alone. You receive full back-office support from the company that trained you and you’re still a part of the team. Finally, you control what your work environment looks like. You can position your home office in any way you see fit, making daily work far more comfortable.

How To Become An Independent Freight Agent

If being an independent freight agent sounds appealing, here are the steps to help make that happen.

  1. Build a Network: a key step in success as an independent agent is having a strong client pool to work with. If you have years of experience in the industry, you may already be well on your way. By cultivating business relationships, you can further advance your career.
  2. Research: if currently employed in the industry, you’ll want to review your existing employment agreement to avoid any potential issues. One thing to specifically look for is non-compete clauses, as these can be an issue.
  3. Reach Out To A Brokerage: a brokerage can help train and support you for your new career as an independent agent. They help you serve your clients and can also assist in other areas of your work.
  4. Resign From Your Current Job: before starting work as an independent agent, it is important to break ties with any existing freight agent job you may have in the industry. As always, never use your current employer’s equipment or work hours to do any independent work.
  5. Establish Your Company: as an independent employee, you’ll have to do the proper paperwork to make your business a legal entity and acquire all the certifications and licenses you need to do business in your state.
  6. Continue To Build Your Business: once you become an independent agent you will want to keep building your business. Be sure to devote some time to attracting new clients and closing new deals in your existing business network.

Final Thoughts

Being an independent freight agent puts you in control of your career. Many people dream about being their own boss and being an independent agent lets you do that. You gain more freedom and the chance for greater financial success.

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