8 Profitable Careers Without a Degree Requirement

Let’s look at the 10 highest profitable careers without a degree requirement; not even an associate’s or bachelor’s. These profitable careers without a degree are just as diverse, fulfilling, and financially rewarding as many degree-requiring positions, and they can all be acquired without the time, energy, and costs of a full degree!

Just because you didn’t earn your bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean you can’t earn big. Not all high-paying jobs require a college degree; many look for skills, experience and background knowledge in place of a university education. These list of the profitable careers without a degree requirement and yield the highest earning potential.

8 Profitable Careers Without a Degree Requirement

Most require a high school diploma. Some require certificates, licenses, or on-the-job training, so education in general may be required.

1. Digital Marketing

With the numerous marketing tools and online courses available, you can start your digital marketing career without a university degree.

You don’t have to know everything about digital marketing. It’s impossible to know everything about digital marketing because it keeps evolving by the season.

Companies now allocate a significant part of their marketing budget to digital channels; from social media and display advertising to video marketing. If you can demonstrate skill and knowledge in this space, you can start a rewarding career as a digital marketer.

2. Start a Small Business/Entrepreneur

In most countries, anyone with an idea can start a business. The exciting thing is that you can start and build a business with any of the skills and careers mentioned in this video.

You don’t need an MBA or any other university degree to start. With the idea, the desire, and the persistence to make it work, everything you need will follow.

You don’t even need the core skill to start the business. Jack Ma founded one of the most successful tech companies today, Alibaba. But he claims that all he understands about technology is sending and receiving emails.

You can start and grow a business if you are good at identifying and leveraging available skills and talents in the marketplace.

3. Writing Career

If you can communicate through writing, you can build a career and business. Communication, whether written or spoken, is one essential skill you should have.

You can start a blog, get a writing job, and offer freelance writing services without presenting a university degree.

If you continue developing your writing skill, you will continue to earn more. Most people won’t make a fortune immediately, but it’s certainly possible to get paid well for writing.

4. Video Editing and Production

There are millions of videos on YouTube. You don’t need a university degree to create these videos.

You need to learn how to use available software applications. You can build a high-paying career or even a successful business with video production skills.

5. Photography and graphic design

Photographers and graphic designers are always needed. Some time ago, a Nigerian photographer, Kasope posted his alluring photos of Mercedes Benz on Twitter. The automaker was impressed with his work and accepted to offer him a job upon request.

With Instagram and other social media platforms, people and organizations want to promote their brands with stunning images. There will always be the need for graphic designers. And depending on your skill level and positioning, you can earn substantially while at it.

6. Software Programmer

Again, you don’t need a university degree to build a career as a software programmer. The world is increasingly drifting towards technology-driven economies. And software programmers are in ever-increasing need.

There are lots of accessible and affordable online materials to help you learn different programming languages. You can make a fortune as a software programmer with passion, determination, and an understanding of where the industry is headed.

7. Web and Mobile App Developer

Web developers are programmers focused on web-based technologies while mobile app developers build mobile applications. You don’t need a university degree to start a web or mobile developer career.

What you need is practical knowledge and learning while doing. If you get good at what you do, you can either work for a company or start your own tech business.

8. Start  AgriBusiness

Agriculture has gone far beyond the images of poor and overworked farmers with crude tools on rural farms. Agriculture is big business today.

It’s not just the food industry that depends on agribusiness. The manufacturing, processing, Pharmaceutical, and several other industries depend on agriculture for a wide range of raw materials. You don’t need a university degree to start an agribusiness. You only need the requisite training to start on a small scale.

9. Sound engineering technicians

Sound engineering technicians are tasked with setting up audio equipment, ensuring that microphones work, and monitoring and operating the equipment during a performance or an event. They may record and synchronize sound, and they may even work the lights.

10. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents solicit, sell and negotiate insurance policies. They are responsible for building a customer base, explaining policies and answering customers’ questions, selling policies, and helping customers keep their policies up to date.

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