How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

For those who deal with data subscription on a particular network, learning how to cancel auto renewal on MTN is one of those important topics to study. MTN is among the largest mobile network operators in the world, and the largest in Africa.

Back in those days, auto renewal was not part of the feature of data subscriptions. But since the world is constantly moving forward in technology and human need is constantly yearning for ease, it is necessary that the auto renewal directory be infused.

No matter how it seems to be solving some problem, it also has a way of exasperating one. The reason simple! The economy of the country. No one desires to see their money deducted without prior information. Auto-renewal is a nifty feature that automatically renews your subscription when it runs out or expires. Basically, it charges your account or phone line with the same amount you used to buy the data that just ran out.

Although these telecom companies offer some really affordable data plans for you to choose from, the auto-renewal option is not mandatory.

Let us look into how to cancel auto renewal on MTN:

Via USSD code

  • Simply Dial *312#
  • Select option 1 – Data Plans
  • Select option 11- Manage Data
  • Select option 3- Cancel Auto-renewal
  • Done! You have successfully cancelled your subscription automatic renewal.


Cancelling the auto-renewal through SMS might sound a bit tricky. Each data plan comes with a special code, and it’s important to find the right one. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check your text messages from the number 312. Look for the main message that you received when you initially bought the data plan.
  • In that message, you’ll find a specific code. Let’s say, for example, you want to cancel the auto-renewal for a 50 Naira plan that gives you 40MB. The code for that might be something like NO114.
  • To cancel the automatic renewal for this plan, send a text with the code (in this case, NO114) to the number 312.

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