How to Get Your BVN Number On Your Phone

How to Get Your BVN Number On Your Phone

How to get your BVN number on your phone? How to check your BVN on MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile?

The BVN is like a security number, but for banks and other financial institutions to identify an individual with their bank account details. It’s a unique 11-digit number allocated to you upon biometric registration.

Biometric registration refers to the identification of an individual based on their physiological attributes: fingerprint, voice, facial features, etc.

How to Get Your BVN Number On Your Phone

To get your BVN number on your phone through MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile line, the very first thing you need to do is make sure that the phone number you intend to use is the same one that was used to register the BVN.

If you enrolled with MTN, you should use the same MTN line to check because  you will not be able to verify your BVN using a line provided by Airtel which is not related to the line you used. Once you have confirmed your line,  proceed with checking your BVN using the following easy steps:

  • Navigate to the dialer on your phone and enter the USSD code *565*0#.
  •  You will need to hold off for a while before the 11-digit number appears.
  • Make sure you copy the number. You have the option of saving it for later use or copying it to use right now. On the other hand, the service is not free, and a fee of 20 naira will be deducted from your total for the transaction. Those who do not have the financial means to tip telecoms the whole twenty dollars each time they check their BVN may, therefore, consider conserving the money for subsequent usage.

It is important to keep in mind that the procedure for checking your BVN is not only the same across all lines, but it is also quite comparable across all banks. If you are a customer of either GTB or UBA, you will use the same code to check your BVN because each individual is given a single, distinct BVN that is utilized by all of the banks. This indicates that even if you have multiple bank accounts in Nigeria, you will only need one BVN to link all of them back to you. This is true even if you have accounts with all of the banks in Nigeria.

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