How to Shoe Tie One Loop X and Tying the Final Knot.

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The first step to shoe tie one loop X and tying the final knot neatly is to make sure the lace tips are even. Put each lace tip in the first set of eyelets from the top and pull the lace tight, while making sure it stays even.

How to Shoe Tie One Loop X

This is super important regardless of what lace style you choose because unevenness will become more noticeable when you reach to final knot. If they’re too uneven, you won’t be able to shoe tie one loop X and tying the final knot neatly.

The shoe video below will guide you on how to tie your shoelace perfectly without any obstruction.

To shoe tie one loop X and tying the final knot of shoelace  is an important part of getting dressed. The ‘bunny ears’ method is one way of tying shoelaces. The first step is to take a shoelace in each hand. Cross the black lace over the red lace halfway up the laces. Take the end of the black lace and put it over the red lace. Now poke it underneath the red lace.

How to Shoe Tie One Loop X and Tying the Final Knot.

Tie Shoelaces in a Minute.

  • Cross the middle of the black bunny ear over the middle of the red bunny ear.
  • Take the top of the red bunny ear and put it over the black bunny ear. Now poke it through the hole.
  • Put your fingers inside the ends of the bunny ears, then hold on and pull tight. You’ve now tied the loops in a knot. The shoelaces are tied.
One Loop X Tying Method:

  • Pick up red shoelace with right hand.
  • Pick up the White shoelace with left hand.
  • Cross laces, laying them across the shoe: “Make an X”.
  • Fold the red lace under the hole at the bottom of the X
  • Grasp a lace in each hand and pull tight.
  • Make one loop/bow on the left side – Pinch the middle of the bow with thumb and index finger.
  • Wrap the right lace around the bow.
  • Use thumb to tuck that lace into the “tunnel” you just created, to create another bow.
  • Grasp a bow in each hand and pull tight.

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