How to Transmute Iron to Gold Stardew Valley?

In case you have been wondering how to transmute iron to gold Stardew Valley, here is the ways to go about it. All required sets of facts to do that are duly highlighted for your pick.

Without much stress, this said game is a simulation role-playing video that excites both the young and old individuals who in turn key excitedly into the players as they take the role of a character who inherits their deceased grandfather’s dilapidated farm in a place known as Stardew Valley.

The game is played on sets, including mobiles and laptops, where the internet can function properly. Although there’s a handful of games like this game and Minecraft that have no internet requirements and you get the full package at once, yet it is commonly played using the internet.

The game, while still so simple in design, is so very expansive. There’s always something for you to enjoy, no matter your playstyle. And that’s the essence of what makes Stardew Valley so great for everyone. Since it is everyone who longs to play the popular game, let us look at some of the ways about how to transmute iron to gold Stardew Valley:

  • An Iron Bar is created by smelting 5 Iron Ore in a furnace with 1 coal for fuel, or by Crafting the “Transmute (Fe)” recipe (3 Copper Bars into one Iron Bar which is unlocked at mining level 4).
  • Iron Bars may occasionally be found in Garbage Cans after receiving the Furnace blueprints from Clint. An Iron Bar may also drop from a Shadow Brute (2% chance) or Shadow Shaman (2% chance) when slain.
  • Smelting iron ore in a furnace takes 2 in-game hours. The “Transmute (Fe)” recipe is earned at Mining Level 4.
  • Iron bars are used in a variety of crafting recipes and are used to upgrade tools to tier 3. Each iron bar can be sold for 120g, or 180g with the Blacksmith Profession in the game.


  • From the Blacksmith, the best tool upgrades in Stardew Valleybelong to the Pickaxe. Upgrading the pickaxe allows you to go deeper into the Mines and gather materials faster with better quality. It will also allow you to clear out the Boulders on your farm, which can be good for expanding your supply. After that, we suggest you upgrade the Trash, the Hoe, and then the Watering Can.

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  • You upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith. You give it to him with the gold and materials, and it becomes unavailable for the rest of the day and the next day. The Blacksmith will have it ready that morning, so be sure to swing by and recollect it once it’s done! Clint will even work during holidays, as long as you gave him the tool before the holiday began.

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