Human Anatomy Career in Nigerian Military.

Anatomy is one of the most interesting biological science lines in recent times. Although the likes of Pharmacy and other medical professions have taken the shine of Anatomy in the medical world today, the field still remains a tasty one for lovers of knowledge and a worthy compensation for the medical line.

The human body is a complex organism made up of various interdependent systems and components. Human Anatomy is the study of these components and the systems that they comprise. Put another way, human anatomy is the study of the structure of the body, and the spatial relationship of its parts.

Radiographic anatomy is the study of body structures that can be satisfactorily recorded as images of varying densities on x-ray film. Although the primary emphasis in radiographic anatomy will be on the skeletal system, as an X-ray technologist, you should be familiar with the structure of the whole body, and the interdependent systems of which it is comprised.

Human Anatomy Career in Nigerian Military.

The number one priority of the military is the protection of it’s people. The medical team in the Nigerian military is designed for emergency and to provide totality of health care for members of the military. Such medical services are essential based on the obligation to provide first aid to injured comrades and third parties and to preserve the military’s power to engage in combat.

The medical service in the Nigerian Army  has become increasingly important in recent decades. One of the most important cornerstones of medical service has been and still remains being able to perform first aid oneself and on comrades under combat conditions. Such first aid is therefore a part of basic training for all Nigerian armed forces.

The department of the medical team of the Nigerian Army contains so many specialties, from internal medicine and neurosurgery to pathology, anesthesiology, human anatomy, and psychiatry. This imply that there so many career jobs in the Nigerian Army and each of these jobs has their special assessment and requirements.

Whether you’re looking to get into a career in health care department of the Nigerian Army or you’re already well into your journey, the human anatomy career in Nigerian Military is one of the respectable career. There are certain requirements and steps you’ll need to take in order to take on your human anatomy career in Nigerian Military. These include;

  • Medical degree in human anatomy
  • License to practice medicine
  • Must be X-ray specialist
  • Must be between 25 and 50 years old
  • Must have  working experience at least two years

Although, career in anatomy is not only practiced in the military, anatomists can work in colleges, universities, or medical centers. They usually teach and do research.

They help train scientists, as well as physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and other workers in the health field. Some work for government agencies or for medical and scientific publishing firms. Others are employed by private companies, such as firms that make artificial limbs or organs. The work of anatomists varies widely, nearly all spend some time in laboratories studying the structures of plant or animal species.

Anatomists in Nigerian Army are charge with responsibilities to observe the  bones and the joints, the locations, and the surface landmarks,  for proper positioning of the army patient. Human anatomy career in Nigerian military involved that you know sufficient detail of the internal organ systems, including their components, locations, and functions, to perform the various radiographic procedures as an anatomist.

Human anatomy career in Nigerian military also involved that you’re an X-ray specialist (technologist), as an anatomist, you need to have a good understanding of human anatomy, especially as it relates to identifying anatomical landmarks, positioning a patient correctly and comfortably, for the making of radiographic exposures. Many structures of the body are radiopaque (impenetrable by x-ray).

These are the few information that are of primary interest to you as an anatomist, if you’re hoping to choose a human anatomy career in Nigerian military.

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