10 Tips to Improve Student who is Struggling with Reading.

“How  can I improve  student  who is struggling with reading”? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions by parents, teachers and instructors.

 Improve Student who is Struggling with Reading

After undergoing some findings about this subject,  I will be giving some tips on how to improve the reading skills of students  with reading difficulty. Reading is  incredibly important skill for everyone. 

The task to improve  student  who is struggling with reading is not  teachers task alone. Unknown to many parents, they have more role to play in helping their kids with reading difficulties than the school teacher who only spends a few hours of the day with them.

How to Improve Student who is Struggling with Reading.

Follow the steps below to improve student who is struggling with reading by giving them enough time to brush up their reading comprehension:

1. Read with students once or three times a week.

Find time to read with students once or three times a week. Find a nice spot where you both can read and have fun.

Take turns reading chapters from a book that interests them. 

Reading with students may sound simple but it requires sacrifice on your path to creating that time.

2. Get various age-appropriate books.

Get various age-appropriate books that would interest your students, especially when they are in the 3rd grade and below and cannot choose books all by themselves but if they can choose by themselves, buy according to their choosing. 

Buy  beautiful books that you know they will  love reading.

3. Use various materials.

Helping to improve  student  who is struggling with reading should not be centered on their school books or recommended texts alone.

Use other reading materials and help them to find books they love that can open their interest up with different book genres.

Such book genres like poetry, articles, comic books and magazines are not out of place, they can provide a good reading experience.

4. Get books that match your students level.

Teachers and Parents can  help improve their student’s reading level by getting books that match their levels.

5. Allow students choosing.

Another powerful strategy that could improve your student’s reading skills is to make them feel part of the process by choosing books they love to read by themselves.

Take the students along with you to the book stores and be kind enough to give them the liberty to choose books that catch their fancy.

When they pick books they love, they are more likely to want to read these books, thereby improving their reading comprehension skills.

6. Encourage them to read for more hours.

Another practice that would help boost your student’s reading ability is to encourage them to read outside the normal reading hours at home.

7. Give some contexts.

When you are reading together with your child, it may sometimes require that you give some contexts to the plot. For example, if they are reading a book about the Nigeria history, give them a brief background on the subject.

This not only opens up their minds to what to expect, but it also helps them to better understand what they are ready for and makes reading more fun and exciting.

8. Understand the difference in students ability.

Students are differ in their reading and understanding ability, so don’t expect your student’s reading ability to develop at the same pace. Resist the urge to compare your students.

9. Ask them questions regularly.

After each reading task, ask your students to tell you about what they have read. Ask them simple questions about the topic, the  storyline, or other important points from their reading and make it interactive.

10. Show them how to read by being a reader yourself.

Students learn more from your actions than what you tell them to do. So, if you want your students to develop a reading habit and improve their reading levels, show them how to read by being a reader yourself.

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