Jobs that Earn the Highest Salaries in the World

The world is fast growing in respect for some professional careers or the kinds of jobs that earn the highest salaries in the world. Many of these jobs that have massive potentials to create and effect development in the society with physically pointable evidences cannot be expected to be treated with levity and disdain. There is the necessity that makes high pays fit for those special types of jobs.

Below are the jobs that earn the highest salaries in the world:

  • Cardiologist

Pay: $353,970

Cardiologists are surgeons who “diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent diseases or conditions of the cardiovascular system,” according to the BLS. Some specialize in procedures designed to intervene in heart conditions, including balloon angioplasty and stent placement. Others center their work around echocardiography, the use of electrodes to examine and treat the chambers of the heart, or electrophysiology, which involves the heart’s electrical system.

an aspiring cardiologist must complete four years of medical school and four years of residency. Being a qualified cardiologist also requires passing a certification exam administered by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

  • Pediatric Surgeon

Pay: $290,310

Pediatric surgeons diagnose and perform surgery to treat fetal abnormalities and birth defects, diseases, and injuries in fetuses, premature and newborn infants, children, and adolescents. This can include many pediatric surgical specialties and subspecialties.

Pediatric surgeons are medical doctors who have completed: at least 4 years of medical school, 5 years of adult general surgery training, and two additional years of fellowship training in pediatric surgery, with licensing and certification.

  • Data Scientist

Pay: $206,501

In the current day and age, a data scientist is one of the most prized jobs globally, with an average annual salary that is high. In the US, the average pay of data scientists is $206,501. There is no specific industry for data scientists. They are in-demand data experts who find employment prospects across the length and breadth of the industry.

From retail to healthcare, media & entertainment to transportation, education to BFSI, data scientists are everywhere. The qualification required to become a data scientist is not very specific. One can be a graduate in any discipline and opt for data science in their higher studies. This will make them qualified for the data scientist’s profile.

  • Dermatologist

Pay: $302,740

Dermatologists diagnose and treat diseases relating to the skin, hair, and nails. They may perform both medical and dermatological surgery functions. They can either work in private practice and/or attend clinics at major teaching hospitals and institutions. Dermatologists rarely work unscheduled or erratic hours. The majority work a set schedule and have normal work hours of between 30-40 hours a week.

Like other physicians, dermatologists typically need a bachelor’s degree as well as a degree from a medical school, which takes an additional 4 years to complete. Depending on their specialty, they also need 3 to 9 years of internship and residency, and must pass certification exams. Specialization requires additional training in a fellowship of 1 to 3 years.

  • Investment Banker

Pay: $210,465

The average annual Salary of an Investment banker is $210,465 in the US. The banking industry in India includes 27 banks in the public sector, 21 banks in the private sector, and 49 foreign banks. Apart from this, there are many regional rural banks and thousands of urban and rural cooperative banks.

In the financial year 2019, public sector banks accounted for 61.21% of the total banking assets. Investments have fast picked up in India and have become the second-largest constituent in the assets of the banks’ balance sheets. If you’re looking to become an investment banker, several qualifications will work, such as B.Com, BA in economics, BBA in finance, or a CFA.

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  • Emergency Medicine Physician

Pay: $310,640

As the title implies, emergency medicine physicians must make on-the-spot medical decisions to prevent death or serious injury. They have to act immediately to evaluate, stabilize, and care for patients who have often suffered trauma. They may supervise emergency medical staff in an emergency department.

Following a path similar to other physicians, a would-be ER doctor must earn a bachelor’s degree, gain entrance to medical school, complete that four-year degree, complete a four-year residency as an ER physician, pass a licensing exam, and ultimately earn Emergency Medicine Certification.

  • Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Pay: $296,210

Doctors who specialize in vaginal, ovarian, uterine, and cervical reproductive health and childbirth are known as obstetricians-gynecologists or OB-GYNs. This is a medical specialty that focuses on providing medical care related to pregnancy or childbirth.

Becoming an OB-GYN requires a bachelor’s degree, graduation from medical school, and the completion of an obstetrics program and a gynecology residency program, which typically last four years. After two years of clinical practice, these physicians have to pass a licensure exam.

  • Senior Software Engineer

Pay: $119,126

A senior software engineer earns around $119,126 in the US. In the list of jobs that earn the highest salary in the world, the software engineer’s name comes in it. Today, software engineers work in almost all sectors, thanks to the rapid penetration of technology across all parallels of the modern industry. They can find job opportunities in retail, healthcare, research and development, business, IT/ITES, government agencies, defense (army, navy, airforce), insurance, banking, and finance, to name a few.

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) in software engineering is the most vital qualification to become a software engineer. You can also pursue an M.Tech in software engineering if you want to receive better annual packages and climb up the promotional ladder.

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