Most Lucrative Business in Ogun State to Consider.

Are you aware that there are countless lucrative business in Ogun state  yet to be explored? Do you know that Ogun state Nigeria is a land filled with lucrative business opportunities? Do you want a business that will bring you lots of profit and don’t know which to choose?

Most Lucrative Business in Ogun State

The major goal of any business is profit-making. Profits are the very lifeblood of any business. Without profit, a business cannot survive. Profits must be made to ensure that a business grows and expands over time!

Other objectives of your business are majorly hinged on your ability to make profit. Any business owner desires to engage in a  lucrative business in Ogun state Nigeria can check the list below!

Most Lucrative Business in Ogun State.

Here are 15 most lucrative business in Ogun state to consider in Nigeria that will get you on your way to making the profit you always desires:

1. Agriculture Business 

Agriculture is one of the most lucrative business in Ogun state to consider if you wish to do business in Ogun state. There are so many business opportunities in agricultural sector.

Agriculture contributes largely to the country’s GDP and is ever on demand. The government is looking to diversify the Nigerian Economy and agriculture is of keen interest to the government.

The Agricultural sector is blessed with lots of profitable opportunities and Ogun state is a good location for this business.

You can decide to go into cassava farming, poultry, snail farming, palm oil business, and many more.

2. Food/Catering

There are lots of profitable opportunities in the food business. No matter the state of the world, food is a top priority for anyone.

Food is another lucrative business in Ogun state to consider because it has high demand every day.

You can get lots of customers to your business with the right location and cooking skills in Ogun state!

You can decide to open up a franchise like Mr. Biggs or the Chicken Republic. People in Ogun state  love to buy from brands like these.

You could also decide to open a local restaurant that specializes in some kinds of food, like for example, opening a restaurant that specializes in making Calabar dishes.

You can also decide to make and deliver food for parties and events. Believe me, there are no limits to succeeding in the food business!

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a lucrative business in Ogun state as it is on the rise now and businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that social media provides.

Social media is a massive tool for businesses to generate leads and ultimately create conversion.

Starting your own social media marketing business will make you smile to the bank.

You can start your social media marketing business, get clients in Ogun state or even anywhere in Nigeria, and help them market and manage their business through social media and make money.

4. Transportation Business

Transportation business is another lucrative business in Ogun state to consider as an investor.

The fact that many people live in Ogun state and still work or run their businesses in Lagos state means that they would always need transportation to and from their offices and place of business.

To leverage on this to make money, you just have to launch you own transport business.

Position your buses in places where you can easily pick passengers from Ogun state to Lagos state and you will make good returns on your investment.

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5. Blogging

In today’s world, we prefer to get the latest news online and information just like you’re reading presently. Gradually, blogs are taking over newspapers in Ogun state Nigeria.

You could start your own blog and release valuable content to your audience with as low as N35,000 naira and make millions over time!

6. Tech Business

With the rise of technology in different sectors in Ogun state Nigeria, it is not difficult to see that technology is the future.

It is one of the lucrative business in Ogun state to consider . You can start up by investing in a new tech startup company with potential and as they expand, you also expand and make money in a few short years.

7. Auto  Workshop Business

If you are a mechanic, there is need for you to start your own auto mechanic workshop in any of the towns in Ogun state.

The business is booming in Ogun state especially if you are good with what you do, and your workshop is well positioned in a place that is visible.

8. Photography Business

Photography is taking center stage in Ogun state Nigeria. From birthdays to weddings, to seminars, taking pictures, and creating memories is a part of our daily lives.

You can set up your photography studio and start getting clients. All you need to start is a good camera. You can even start will mobile photography and keep expanding. This business is not only lucrative but cheap to start up!

9.  Cosmetics Business

This is also another very lucrative business in Ogun state to consider in Nigeria.

It involves the sale of beauty products, makeup, and creams.

The target market is also very large. You could start your own cosmetic business with as little as N50,000 naira and make a profit over time.

10.  Hair/Barbing Salon Business

This is another business you can start right from your home anywhere in Ogun state.

All you need are a few work tools like combs and brushes. You can offer hair home services to your clients and make a profit.

You can also leverage the power of social media to advertise yourself.

You can also advertise wigs, crotchets, and other hair products on social media, and attract paying customers and make a profit!

11.  Drop shipping Business

A drop shipping business is a very lucrative business around the town of Ogun state Nigeria.

You can open an online store and copy the inventory of manufacturers or suppliers.

Once the suppliers are paid, you get your money! You can start your online store on platforms like Shopify.

12.  Grocery Business

This is a very lucrative business. You can set up your own grocery store and sell food products and commodities to consumers and make a profit over time.

13. Timber Business

Timber business is yet another thriving business an entrepreneur can start in Ogun state. Ogun state has very rich forests spread across the state.

In other to legally engage in this type of business, you must secure your license from both the Federal Government of Nigeria and Ogun state government.

If you don’t have a permit, you can be arrested and prosecuted if caught cutting trees in any of the forests in Nigeria.

14. Car Wash Business

Car wash business is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can easily setup in any of the major cities in Ogun state and still make good cash. You can setup your cash wash in Sango, in Ota, Abeokuta or even in Ijebu Ode and you will attract clients on a daily basis.

15. Dry-cleaning Business

You can start a dry cleaning business right from your home. With as little as N100,000 naira, you can get your washing machine, wash, iron, and deliver clothes to customers and make a profit over time!

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