Top 10 Largest City in Ogun State and Most Developed Area.

Ogun State is endowed with several big cities and town where you can visit, invest, school or live and reside.

The state has a lot of places for tourism as well as companies if you really decide to pay attention to it. Ogun state is one the Nigeria’s industrial city that share border with Lagos, Osun, Oyo and neibouring country Benin Republic, also a neighbor to Ondo State.

Ogun state has so many amazing cities. Apart from the fact that the state has some fascinating cities, the state is recorded to have the highest number of registered (private) universities and higher institutions in Nigeria and it is the only state that runs two state-owned universities in the country. Ogun state is also the home of the first and only University of Education in Nigeria.

Other amazing facts about Ogun state is that the Ijebus people of Ogun state are known to be the first Yoruba-speaking people to have contact with the Europeans in the early 14th century.

They are also believed to be the first Yorubas to invent money made from cowry shells called ‘Owo Eyo’, which was accepted throughout the Yorubaland before it was replaced by coins made from silver materials, when the Europeans came.

However, based on development, there are some top largest cities in Ogun State and  the most developed area that are among the best places to live, visit or invest. These cities are listed below.

Top 10 Largest City in Ogun State.

The selection of the largest city in Ogun State is based on popularity, how developed and  peaceful the environment is:

1. Abeokuta Ogun state.

Abeokuta is the capital of  Ogun state the ‘Gateway State‘. Abeokuta is the largest city in Ogun State and  the most developed area in the state.

The presence of tourist sites such as Olumo Rock, Centenary Hall, Alake’s Palace and so on make it a tourist hub. It has several institutions which makes it a lively place to live. Most of the Nigerian world class professor came from this city. The city of Abeokuta is endowed with amazing facts and long history.

Abeokuta was the first independent State in Nigeria. Local Government Administration first started in Abeokuta, and it compromises four sections:

  • Egba Alake headed by the Alake
  • Egba Oke-Ona headed by the Osile
  • Egba Gbagura headed by the Agura
  • Egba Owu headed by the Olowu.

Each sections was headed by an Oba.  The four sectional Obas met on January 31, 1893 and decided to form a united government, hence on February 1, 1898 the Egba United Government was born.  It was headed by the Alake and he was ably assisted by the sectional Obas.

 Abeokuta Ogun state capital is also the most beautiful part of Ogun state in recent time. The state experience an unstoppable development since the government started to focus on infrastructures and good roads network  across the city, social amenities are available, Abeokuta is conducive and safe. Cost of living in Abeokuta is not very high but affordable.

Abeokuta is the home of the Federal University of Agriculture, this is one of the higher institutions of learning owned and run by the Federal government of Nigeria. There are so many good schools in this city.

2. Ijebu Ode and Ijebu Igbo.

Ijebu Ode is quite popular and one of the conducive place in Ogun. Social amenities are on ground, cost of living is low. Ijebu-Ode is composed of a mixed people who majorly speak the general Yoruba.

Ijebu Ode is the  second largest city in Ogun state and most developed area in the state. Also the second largest local government in Ogun State.

The following is a list of  current residents associated with or around the city of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. Ibeju-Lekki was excised from Epe in 1989 to form a new local government. After the territorial annexation of the 1890s, the remaining portions of Ijebu were administered as two protectorate areas, namely, Ijebu-Remo and Ijebu-Ode Districts. Ijebu ode just like Ijebu North East local government has its headquarter in Ijebu

Ijebu North East local government is located right there in Ijebu Igbo Ogun State. The local government villages and towns are Lambo, Loti, Ika, Ikeja, Ikereku, Ikija, Ilawo, Irena, Isaye, Iseku, Ishopin, Isofin orile, Isola, Itori, Itori Alase, Iwokun Nia and so many others.

The city is located 110 km by road north-east of Lagos; it is within 100 km of the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part of Ogun State and possesses a warm tropical climate.

Ijebu is the home of the respectable Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, a state university in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. The university was founded July 7, 1982 as Ogun State University and was renamed Olabisi Onabanjo University.

3. Sango Ota.

Sango Ota is a town in Ogun state, Nigeria, and has an estimated 164,000 residents living in or around it. Ota is the capital of the Ado-odo/Ota local government area

Sango Ota is the third largest city in Ogun state and most developed area in the state. It is also the most popular place to live in Ogun state, Sango Ota is the industrial hub of Ogun state. On the part of security, Sango Ota is quite safe.

Travel duration from Sango Ota to Abeokuta is around 1Hours if your travel speed is 50 KM per Hour.

Major factories in Ogun include the Dangote Cement factory, Nestle, Lafarge Cement factory, Unilever and many more are all located at Sango Ota Ogun stat.

4. Mowe Ibafo.

Mowe Ibafo  largest city in Ogun state and most developed area and very popular as a result of the Redemption Camp closed to it.

Mowe Ibafo is apeaceful area but it is associated with light traffic due to various activities going on in this city. Mowe is a choice place to live as a result of the light traffic on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway compared to the frustrating logjam on other choice areas like Sango, which is at the outskirt of Lagos on the Oshodi-Egbeda axis, and Ikorodu.

This is a town in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. The town is located along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway which makes it easily accessible by residents who transits to other states. The cost of living here is not too high when compared with other parts of the state.

5. Sagamu.

Sagamu is a large city in Ogun state, is an amalgam of 13 ancient towns that previously complete the 33 towns in Remo district of Ogun State and the defunct Ijebu Remo district during the colonial era.  Sagamu is sitting on 614 km2 (237 sq mi), 3.1 times bigger than Ijebu Ode (192 km2).

This area is made up of towns which includes Makun, Offin Sonyindo, Epe, Ibido, Igbepa, Ado, Oko, Ipoji, Batoro, Ijoku, Latawa and Ijagba. This area is an industrial where you could make money. It also have a lot of exciting places where you could have fun and relax with your family and friends.

Sagamu Local Government was under former Political Administration network of Remo division of the defunct Western Region of Nigeria.

6. Ifo Ogun State.

The city of Ifo is one of the most developed and popular city in Ogun state.

Ifo Local Government Area is a local government area of Ogun State with its administrative headquarter in Ifo town.

Ifo is one of the place to live in Ogun state as there are still a lot of lands to build on. Ifo is a large city for the market situated there.

7. Owode,  Yewa.

Yewa South LGA has its administrative headquarters in Illaro town and is made up of several towns and villages such as Ifeko Wajo, Ilaro, Abu, Abule Abu, Abule Ademola, Abule Ajayi Odi, Abule Akegbo, Abule, Debo, Owode, Owo, Sabo, Yakata, Onijam & Saabe.

The people speak the Yewa and Egun dialects of the Yoruba language. There are seven areas or villages headed by Obas or Royal Fathers: Ilaro, Idogo, Iwoye, Oke-Odan, Ijanna, Itoro, Owode, Erinja, Ajilete and Ilobi.

Owode Yewa is popular as a result of its closeness to the border. Things are relatively cheap Owode and owode is safe as security agencies are always on ground.

There was news earlier about the Ogun State government  to reinstate Yewa international market in Owode. The leaders of Yewa including the indigenes of the land cry out to Ogun State government to critically treat the case as a matter of urgency, having heard of his progressive projects commissioned lately across the state, to add this as part of the state successes.

8. Ipokia.

Ipokia is a Local Government Area in the west of Ogun State, Nigeria bordering the Republic of Benin. Its Capital is Ipokia town.

There are other towns like Idiroko, Oniro, Ita Egbe,Hunbo, Agosasa, Aseko, Maun, Koko, Ropo, Alaari, Tube, Ilashe, Ifonyintedo, Madoga, Jofin and Tongeji in the town of Ipokia.

It the capital of Ipokia Local Government. Notable indigenes from the town include the Late Chief Bolarinwa Yakubu Abioro (Balogun of Ipokia and Former Minority Leader of the House of Assembly in old western region, Late Ambassador Lamidi Maliki (Former Diplomat), Honorable Olufemi Isiaka Ajibade (Former controller WAI Brigade of Nigeria), Ambassador Isiaka Adesola Abolurin (Former Diplomat and current Balogun of Ipokia ).

9. Shimawa

Shimawa is one of the most beautiful city and places to visit in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. It is one of the developing areas in the state that has attracted foreign investors. You could decide to buy or build a house in this area and live life to the fullest.

Shimawa in Shagamu (Ogun State) is a town located in Nigeria about 317 mi (or 510 km) south-west of Abuja, the country’s capital place.

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