7 Names of Towns in Port Harcourt

What are the names of towns in Port Harcourt? Port Harcourt, port town and capital of Rivers state, southern Nigeria has some of popular and well-known residential areas and township.

The Greater Port Harcourt towns region, spans eight local government areas that include Port Harcourt, Okrika, Obio-Akpor, Ikwerre, Oyigbo, Ogu–Bolo, Etche and Eleme.

7 Names of Towns in Port Harcourt

There are several cities in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Some of them include:

1. Okrika town

Okrika is one of the twenty-three (23) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Okrika town is an island in Rivers State, Nigeria, capital of the Local Government Area of the same name. The town is situated on an island south of Port Harcourt, making it a suburb of the much larger city.

The average elevation of Okrika is 452 metres. It lies on the north of the Bonny River and on Okrika Island, 35 miles (56 km) upstream from the Bight of Bonny. The town can be reached by vessels of a draft of 29 feet (9 metres) or less.

There are nine traditional towns constituted the Okrika Kingdom before 1913, these towns are Kirike, Ogoloma, Ogu, Bolo, Ogbogbo, Ibaka, Ele, Isaka and Abuloma. Most of these traditional towns also have satellite villages.

2. Obio-Akpor

Obio-Akpor Local Government Area falls within the Metropolitan region of Port Harcourt, the oil and gas hub of Nigeria with headquarters at Rumuodumaya Town, it is one of the major cities of the Niger Delta located in Rivers State and is bounded in the South by Port Harcourt City Local Government area, Oyigbo and Eleme to the East, Etche and Ikwerre to the North, and Emohua to the West.

It is situated approximately 25km from the Atlantic Ocean and is between the Dockyard creek/bonny river and the Amadi creek. It has a land mass of about 311.71km 2 and approachable through land, water and air and the area belongs to the south-south regions of Nigeria or otherwise known as Niger delta region.

Obio-Akpor is undoubtedly, one of the major hubs for media in Rivers State. Elelenwo is the location of Radio Rivers 99.1, the first government-owned FM radio station in the state, and the second FM radio station to launch in Nigeria.

3. Ikwerre

Ikwerre is made up of twelve (12) communities and towns. These communities include: Isiokpo, Omagwa, Omudeme, Elele, Omuanwa, Apani, Ipo, Omerelu, Igwuruta, Ubima, Ozuaha and Aluu.

Ikwerre is a Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Isiokpo.

The Ikwerre people, who were in the old Port Harcourt province of the former Eastern Region of Nigeria, live in the South Eastern part of Nigeria1. The Ikwerre people now live in four local Government Areas of Emohua, Ikwerre, Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt City of Rivers State.

4. Oyigbo

Oyigbo is one of the twenty-three (23) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Rivers State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are located in the town of Afam.

Oyigbo is a community located 30 kilometres from the port metropolis of Port Harcourt in the Nigerian state of Rivers.

The following are the complete list Of Towns And Villages In Oyigbo Local Government, Rivers State, Nigeria:

  1. Asa
  2. Komkom
  3. Obeama
  4. Oyigbo
  5. Afa Uku
  6. Afam
  7. Afam Nta
  8. Azusogu
  9. Egberu
  10. Mgboji
  11. Mrihu
  12. Obeakpu
  13. Obeta
  14. Obumku
  15. Okoloma
  16. Okponta
  17. Umuagbai
  18. Umuosi

5. Ogu–Bolo

Ogu–Bolo (sometimes written Ogu/Bolo) is a Local Government Area located in Ogu, Rivers State, Nigeria. Most people living in the region are Ogu–Bolo.

Ogu/Bolo culture is extensive, from festivals to clothing to cuisine. Some consider them as magnificent but mostly ineffectual. Important Ogu/Bolo customs include Iria puberty and marriage ceremonies, wrestling, traditional plays, burial rites, and installation of chiefs and traditional rulers.

6. Etche

Etche Local Government Area administrative headquarters is in the town of Okehi with primary districts of Etche consisting villages and clans that form the local government area; the major clans are Ozuzu, Igbo, Ulakwo, Mba and Okehi.

Etche Local Government Area is one of the 23 local government area councils in Rivers state that was created out from old Ikwerre/Etche Local Government.

This LGA is made up of 5 Clans, 32 Communities, 19 wards and as well shares a National Assembly constituency known as Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency with Omuma Local Government Area of Rivers state.

7. Eleme

Eleme local government area is situated in Rivers state, Southsouth geopolitical zone of Nigeria with the headquarters of the LGA in the town of Ogale. The towns and villages that make up Eleme LGA include Nchia, Akpajo, Alode, Ebubu, Onne, Eteo, Alesa, and Aleto. The population of Eleme LGA is estimated at 174,612 inhabitants with the most populous ethnic division in the area being the Eleme ethnic sub-division. The Nchia and Odido dialects of the Eleme language are commonly spoken in Eleme LGA while Christianity is the widely practiced religions. The Oneh Eh of Eleme is the traditional administrator of the LGA.

Eleme LGA has enormous reserves of crude oil and natural gas and the area is home to one of Nigeria’s four major refineries. The area also hosts the Onne seaport which is a hub for the movement of a variety of cargoes. Fishing is also an important economic activity in Eleme local government area as the area’s many rivers are rich in seafood. Other key economic enterprises undertaken by the inhabitants of Eleme LGA include the Farming and trade.

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