New Month Greetings and Prayers

Culturally, greeting is primordial to the idea of community among humans. So does the idea of sending new month greetings and prayers, which is rooted in keeping for each and every one of us who imbibes it a polite face. The act of recognizing the presence of one another in our lives, be it physically, psychologically, spiritually, or electronically, is crucial and it is the string of love that unifies the community of men.

When one decides to greet or send some words of prayers to a friend or family member, there is a higher possibility of having the bonds shared by both parties to wax stronger than before. This is because it is a gesture of love with potentials that intensify rather than lessen the emotional connection. Greetings may be carried out for several reasons such as when one celebrates the purchase of a house, or any property of value, or maybe when a new season arrives, etc.

Greetings are welcoming and speaks of friendship.

New Month Greetings and Prayers

This article aims to enlighten you not only on the very examples of prayers that you can make to you your loved ones, but it is also prepared to teach you the fact that they may serve as greeting to the said individuals. New month greetings and prayers which shall be found appealing are combined together in subsequent submission for your use. Do well to send them to your loved ones in order to help them catch the blessings that come with the new season.

Messages of Greetings

  • Here’s sending you warm wishes for the New Month. May your barn be full. May your life swim in goodness and mercy. May the works of your hands be fruitful. May you be favored by God and man. Happy new month.
  • As you journey through this month, may your life attract favor, goodness and kindness. May you remain fresh like a tree planted by the river side. May you receive renewed vigor to face and overcome life’s challenges. Happy new month.
  • Welcome to a brand new month. May all your expectations for this month be met. May the month yield forth it’s blessings and goodness to you. Nothing negative shall come near you. Happy New Month, my dear.
  • I wish you a Happy New Month devoid of your worry, stress and sorrow. Conceive greatness and achieve it because nothing shall be impossible for you this month. Have a beautiful one.
  • May you be inspired to reach for excellence and go for gold. The world is at your feet, subdue and dominate it. Happy New Month.
  • Let go of the past. Embrace the new month. May you have beautiful days ahead—happy new month. Make every minute of this month count. Embrace every second with enthusiasm. Live your days with excitement. Have a blissful month.
  • Welcome to the new month, beautiful human. May the grace of God abound upon your life. Your life shall radiate with the goodness of God. Be of good cheer, darling. Happy New Month.
  • May the wind of this month blow in goodness alone. May negative vibes be far away from you. Keep your dancing shoes close because you will dance throughout this month. Happy New Month.
  • There shall be showers of blessings for you. Your hopes and expectations will not be dashed. You will have reasons to be grateful and your joy shall be full. Have a splendid new month.
  • In this new month, you will have many reasons to be thankful and your mouth will be full of laughter. I pray for a bigger and better you. Happy New Month.
  • Cheers to an awesome and interesting month ahead. A month full of fun, adventures and gladness. Happy New Month.
  • It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day and week of this month count. Happy New Month
  • Wisdom filled head, a discerning heart, legs marked with direction, success all round. Those and more are all I wish you. Have a great month ahead.
  • May all that you do in this new month be productive and successful. Happy New Month to you
  • May the works of your hands make you proud this month. May your labour yield bountiful harvest. May your mouth be filled with laughter. Have a super month.
  • I just want to wish you a beautiful, amazing and sweet month ahead of you. Happy New Month to you.
  • I’m glad and super excited we made it to the new month. Life’s challenges will not overcome us. As we press forward, may we break new frontiers and conquer new territories. Happy New Month.
  • In this new month, I pray for unusual insight and uncommon excellence for you. May you have the touch of gold so that all you lay your hands upon shall prosper. Here’s wishing you a happy and blessed month.
  • Congratulations! Welcome to the new month. In this month, you shall dominate every challenges, you shall be the head and not the tail, you shall be above and not beneath. Your joy shall be full. I wish you a very blessed month ahead.
  • Look how far you have come despite all that could have brought you down. I’m confident of your beautiful future, keep striving. Happy new month.
  • Welcome to the New Month. Every lost opportunity shall be regained. Every lost territory shall be reclaimed. You shall get double for every lost glory. No more struggling as you will be graced with the anointing of ease. Happy New Month, dear.
  • This New Month shall bring with it fresh hope and new beginnings for you. I wish you peace, love, prosperity and joy. May the blessings of this month surpass all of your expectations. Happy New Month.
  • Remain true always to who you are. Stay connected to your core values. May you never lose yourself amid life’s challenges. Happy new month.
  • May integrity guide your steps. May you walk with your head high. May you soar always. Happy new month.

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