Top 10 Zoological Garden and Wildlife Park In Nigeria

Wildlife park, which can also be referred to as a zoological garden or zoological park, is a facility in which animals are housed within safe closures and displayed to the public.

Zoological garden and wildlife park in nigeria showcase a variety of animals and let people from around the globe experience wildlife they may not get to see usually. It is easy to house something small like a fish or lizard, but some zoos need to be large to provide a suitable habitat for several large species to live.

The Top 10 Zoological Garden and Wildlife Park In Nigeria

There are many zoological garden and wildlife park in nigeria, and Nigeria is one of the countries whose zoos contribute to the world tourism. Zoos are great for preserving and learning about different species of animals.

Let’s learn about  top 10 zoological garden and wildlife park in nigeria and the thousands of animals that live in them.

1. University of Ibadan Zoological garden

University of Ibadan Zoological garden was built in 1948. It is notable as a place for education, conservation and fun. Built by Department of Zoology.

The Zoological garden at the University of Ibadan is home to a variety of endangered animals and plant species. It was built as a conservation center and also for education purposes. Visitors and tourists are also welcome.

There are diverse animals like the lions and lionesses, elephants, different species of the dog and cat families, different bird species, giraffes, crocodiles, snakes, gorillas, baboons, monkeys, and many more in the University of Ibadan.

The University of Ibadan Zoological garden has become a beauty to behold. The Structures have been Updated, new enclosures built, over a dozen new animal arrivals, some acquired for the first time in the history of the Zoo.Our gorgeous lion cubs are also a lovely sight.

An attractive buttery, “Sips & Bites” and another just erected spot for food & snacks. A completely revamped, clean atmosphere for relaxation. More parking space created with 24 hours security.

2. Omu Resort

Omu Resort is a luxury resort in Lagos, Nigeria. It is known for its five star hospitality and exclusive accommodation. Situated among the lush greenery of the Lagos rainforest, the resort boasts of exclusive villas, swimming pools, spa facilities, an outdoor restaurant, and a host of other amenities. The resort is a perfect destination for those looking for luxury and relaxation.

The region’s newest and most elaborate Family Recreational and Educational center, the Omu Resort is home to a Zoo; Freshwater seaworld; Wax museum; Amusement rides; Go karting; Quad biking and more.

Omu Resort may be best known in tourism circles for its Zoo, Waterpark, Antique Museum and Rides but the Resort also has an exciting Waterfront called the Omu Resort.

3. Port Harcourt Zoo

Port Harcourt Zoo was established in October 1st 1975to be a conservation centre. It is notable as It is notable for being one of the top conservation centres in the country

Built by Military Governor Alfred Diete-Spiff in October 1st 1975. Port Harcourt Zoo (also known as PH Zoo) is a state owned zoological park in where family, students, private individuals, tourists and animal-lovers frequent to watch animals in their natural habitat.

The Port Harcourt Zoo is home to numerous exceptional creature species, for example, lions, cobra, monkeys, chimpanzees, turtles, crocodiles, ostriches, jackasses, gazelles, peacocks and numerous winged animal species. The ends of the week are the time when the zoo is most disparaged, and all things considered.

On Sunday visits you get the chance to witness the nourishing of the creatures, particularly the Lions. There is in no way like viewing the once great lions in a bolstering furor. Inside the zoo, you will discover the historical center where two vast lions and lioness were preserved. These two animals were executed by electric shock when they assaulted and ate the zoo specialist who came to encourage them and neglected to bolt the pen. An unequivocal must see on your rundown.

4. National Children’s park and zoo

National Children’s park and zoo. It is notable as a fun and educative place for children. Does your child know that male Ostriches are black in color while the female ones are grey colored? the national children’s Zoo is a fun, educative place to excite your child’s mind and to also give impressions that will last a lifetime.

The National Children’s Park and Zoo is located in the Asokoro district of Abuja, behind the Presidential Villa. It is reasonably close to Aso Rock. It has various kinds of Animals, large playground for kids to play around and a lake.

Located in the highbrow Asokoro District of the city, if you are visiting with kids, this is the most captivating place for you and them to go for great fun.

Get the unforgettable thrill of a lifetime in this tranquil environment as you are able to absorb in the enchanting world of a wide variety of animals and birds.

5. Jos wildlife park

Jos wildlife park was built to preserve wildlife. Jos wildlife park is one of the largest man-made zoological gardens in the country and is home to a variety of animals ranging from monkeys, elephants, lions. The variety of wildlife and closeness to nature is one of the many reasons why tourists come from far and wide to visit. Everybody is welcome!

Jos wildlife park is one of the largest man-made zoological gardens in the country and is home to a variety of animals ranging from monkeys, elephants, lions.

6. Audu Bako Zoo

Audu Bako Zoo was built in 1971. It is notable as the first zoo in Nigeria. Built by Audu Bako in 1971.

Take a relaxing afternoon off with your family and see the different species of animals which the zoo boasts of, ranging from lions to giraffes, this historic zoo is the first in Nigeria.

Located along zoo road Kano, Audu Bako zoo is known to be one of the first zoos in Nigeria. Popularly known as ‘Gidan zoo’, the Audu Bako Zoological and Botanical garden, was established in 1971.

It would be open to the public in 1972 by the then State Military Governor, Audu Bako.

The zoo which covers an area of about 46 hectares is currently managed by Kano state Zoological & wildlife Management (KAZOWMA).

Interestingly, the zoo can make boast of one hundred and fifty animals which include Lion, Zebra, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Elephants, Hyenas, Ostrich, Antelopes, Camels and Goats.

People from different parts of Nigeria and around the globe pay visit to this historic zoo either for recreational activities or for educational and research reasons.

The zoo is visited mostly during the Eid Celebrations. There are various shops where food and snacks are sold. Also, the zoo is very large so get ready for a long walk!

7. Sumu Wildlife, Bauchi

Sumu Wildlife, Bauchi was built in 2015. Built by Bauchi State Governiment in 2015.

Sumu Wildlife is one of the newest tourist sites being developed by the government as part of efforts at improving leisure, entertainment and terrorism in the state. The park has diverse flora and fauna riches that would interest the visitors. It also has many tourism support facilities such as accommodation lodges and restaurant showcasing the delicacies of Bauchi State.

8. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is a hidden gem waiting for tourists to explore as they Walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa. The Centre is one of the best and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria. Raised walkways enable viewing of animals like monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. There is also a conservation center and a library. If you appreciate nature and are in a limbo as where to take your partner or lover, this center is the ideal place to visit.

What can I wear to LCC?: Lekki Conservation Centre?(LCC) has grown into one of Africa?s most prominent urban Nature Parks. There are lots of exciting activities to partake in at Lekki conservation Centre, so be prepared mentally and physically. Wear light clothes that won?t make you sweat too much especially if you would be going during the hot season(January-March). For footwear, a pair of sneakers, sandals or any other comfortable shoes would do.


a. Walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa

b. Spot monkeys, peacocks,crocodile and other interesting animals

c. After an enthralling climb of the Canopy walkway, you can also play human size Chess and other games.

d. Relax, rejuvenate, and recover your strength under the shed of Raffia.

e. Visit the fish ponds And many more.

Located in Ogba village, a forest reserve area that is about six kilometers from the capital city of Edo state, the zoo was established in 1915.

It covers a land area of about twenty hectares and is one of the largest in the country. It houses a wide range of animals like Lions, Chimpanzees, Giant Tortoises, Peafowls, Rock Python and more.

There is also an extensive landscaped grounds, picnic areas, refreshment centers, function halls, restaurant, outdoor event grounds and a large car park.

The environment of this iconic zoo is aesthetically appealing for the enjoyment of nature’s gift.

Interestingly, visitors can enjoy rides on Horses, Camel, and Donkeys.

The Zoo has an exclusive event ground that takes up to 1,500 Guests with enough space for all kind of recreational activities

10. Sanda Kyarimi Park

The Sanda Kyarimi Park Zoo is a 42-acre zoological garden and wildlife sanctuary located in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. It is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Nigeria, established in 1970. It is considered the only public facility in Borno for the conservation of endangered animal species.

Sanda Kyarimi Zoological park is along Shehu Laminu way, Maiduguri, Borno State. The zoo also has a botanical park and it is built on forty-two acres of land.

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