Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries.

Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries i.e Federal civil service commission is paid according to the hierarchy and structure in the service.

Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries.

The Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries which is based on hierarchy and structure entails grades from School leavers, Officers, Diploma, Graduate and Director  which is the highest officer in the service.

Salaries and Wages in Nigeria Public service are determined by the National Salaries, Incomes & Wages Commission (NSIWC).

This agency is saddled with the responsibility of deciding a realistic compensation system in the Nigerian economy.

The Federal Civil Service Commission has diverse obligations and accountability, which include;

  • Provide guidelines for appointments, discipline, and promotion
  • Recruit senior officers
  • Represent the Civil Service Commissioners at Senior Staff Committee meetings of Ministries
  • Endorse the advancement of officers to high-ranking positions, including conducting promotion exams and interviews.
  • Analysing the endorsements on Corrective cases of civil officers.

Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries.

After several annual reviews of wages and salaries by NSIWC in the Nigerian Civil Service. These are various Nigerian Civil Service Grades and Salaries as follows;

Note: The salary structure here is based on the set minimum wage of N18,000. Below is the full details of the salary structure.

= Least paid staff. 

The least paid staff on Grade Level 01 Step 01 will receive N18,900 per month that sums to an annual salary of N226,800. A little higher than the minimum wage at the FCSC.

Before we go too deep, it is important to note that the Nigerian minimum wage is N18,000.

= Graduate.
  • Graduates on Grade Level 08 Step 15 earn N81,555.26 per month. This sums up to a salary of a total of N978,663 per annum.
  • Executives on Grade Level 10 Step 01 earn N914,511 per annum and on attainment of Step 15 will have a take-home of N1,323,625 yearly.
  • Executives on Grade Level 12 Step 01 earn N1,052,2018 yearly and will get N1,506,593 after achieving Step 11.
  • Executives on Grade Level 13 Step 01 earn N1,174,233 per year and will get N1,653,453 per annum on getting to Step 11.
  • Executives on Grade Level 14 Step 01 earn N1,295,818 per year and will get a take-home pay of N1,811,724 per annum.
  • Executive Officers on Grade Level 15 Step 01 earn N1,778,616 per year but on achieving Step 9 will earn N2,363,140 yearly.
  • Executive Officers on Grade Level 16 Step 01 earn N2,197,677 per year and will earn N5,452,136 at Step 09.
= Grade level 04 Step (S) 1.
  • Grade level 04 Step (S) 1 receives a yearly wage that consists of N242,994.
  • School leavers,  first school leaving certificate receives the minimum amount in the FCSC. They will get N20,249, whereas a manager in the FCSC will get N348,633 per month.

It is also worthy of note that, graduates from universities, who want to work with the federal civil service commission will do so on GL 07 – S 01 and will get N43163.75 per month.

= Grade Level 01 Step 1.

The minimal wage staff on Grade Level 01 Step 1 will get a yearly wage – N226,800 per annum. It turns out that you get N18,900 per one month which is N900 above the minimum wage

= School Leaver.

This category is for high school graduates on GL 04 who are going to receive N20,250 per month – N 243,000 per annum.

Workers on Grade Level 05 Step 01 take home N261,298 per annum but on attainment Step 15, such worker is entitled to a take-home pay of N401,637.

= Officers.

This is just a step above the high school graduates and that is Grade Level 06 Step 01. Officers of this rank receive an annual salary of N316, 229 i.e. N26, 350 per month. But on attainment of Step 15 on the same Grade Level, an officer is entitled to N487,295 per annum i.e. N44,300 per month

= Diploma certificate holder.

The diploma certificate holder on Grade Level 07 Step 01 will receive N43,163 per month at the Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission. It sums up to an annual salary of N517,965

= Officers’ counterparts.

On Grade Level 09 Step 01 they will receive N780,656 per year. After attaining Step 15, they will get N1,152,698. Just compare that to the Officer’s’ salary!

= Director Salary of the Federal Civil Service.

This is the most paid position at the FCSC. Directors on Grade Level 17 Step 9 gets a monthly salary of N454,344 and a yearly take home of N5,452,136.

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