How To Play the Word Master Board Game?

This content is set on teaching you some of the skills about how to play the Word Master Board Game and of course to share with you some useful tips on how to maneuver your winning through its several stages. First, you deserve to know a little about the game. Word Master from Character Toys is the perfect gift for anyone who has been on the hunt for the game that opens up their hearts to the best fun in the world.

This is how it is in a bit. One person becomes the host each round and chooses a 5 letter word for the other players to guess. The host then scores the guess with a green token for each letter that’s correct and a yellow token if the letter is in the word in a different position.

Introducing the Word Master Board Game

This awesome tabletop family game invites players to take turns guessing the hidden word, just like Wordle. Tabletop Word Games for Everyone! Pick a card from the deck to determine the category. Using the alphabet tiles race against other players to guess the host’s secret 5-letter word.

Take it in turns to host the round and mark the guesses. Who will be the Word Master at the end of the Game? How to Play Word Master First, nominate a Game Host for the round. The Game Host selects a category card from the deck. They can either select a word from the back of the card, or think of a 5-letter word within the category.

Once the category has been announced, players build their word from the Alphabet Tiles, before turning their game rack to the center for the host to mark – just like in Wordle.

Everything You Need to Play A correct letter in the correct place is marked with a Green Token. Correct letter, wrong place is marked with a Yellow Token. As each player’s Game Rack is marked the Game Host should flip down any incorrectly guessed letters on the Alphabet Board. Play continues until a player correctly guesses the host’s word. The player to win the most rounds of Word Master wins!

  • Is the Game Okay for Adults?

The truth is the game is pretty tough. It says it’s for players age 5 and upwards which means adult who is without due concentration will have to struggle to play it because their brain just doesn’t work in that way. Wordle is a good example. Adults can do random letters, but to come up with a word each time is a challenge for them.

What helps though is there are category cards you can use eg animals or sports. This obviously helps to rule a lot of words out. If all players are really good at the game though you don’t need to use these category cards and you can select any 5 letter word.

One difference between Word Master and Wordle is that to submit a guess you have to spell your word out using the alphabet tiles. Finding the letters you need will slow people down. Another big difference is that if you have 2 or more people playing then you can learn from their guesses as all players can see how the words are being scored. To keep track of letters that have been ruled out there is a board where letters can be flipped down.

  • Features the Game Package

Word Master Board Game

Contents: 1x Alphabet board, 26x Alphabet cards, 15x Green tokens, 15x Yellow tokens, 180x Alphabet tiles, 3x Game racks, 24x Category cards

Dimensions: 28L x 18.8W x 1H cm

6 categories, 5 letters, 1 winner!

  • Playing the Word Master Board Game

Here is the way to go about playing or the very best means to learn how to play the Word Master Board Game. But first:

When you open the box the category and alphabet cards have to be separated from the sheets. You need to slide the alphabet cards into the doors on the Alphabet Board (check the instructions on how to do this).

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The alphabet tiles are placed in the middle of the table and a player is selected to be the host first. All the other players take a game rack, 5 green tokens and 5 yellow tokens. The game is for 2 to 4 players so there are 3 racks for guessing the word and one person is the host.


The host selects a category card and either chooses one of the words on the back or chooses another 5 letter word in the category. They then announce the category and all players start to build a word for the Alphabet tiles. As soon as a player has created a word they turn their game rack towards the centre for the host to mark.

Going through the word in order a green token is given for a letter in the correct place, yellow for a letter in the word, but in the wrong location and any incorrect letters are flipped down on the Alphabet board. You get a point if you are the first player to correctly guess the word and then another player becomes a host and selects a a new word.

If playing with just 2 players then the Head to Head version might be better than the standard game. In this version both players select a word at the same time and have to guess the other players word.

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