How To Obtain Nigerian International Passport: Types, Cost & Requirements.

How To Obtain Nigerian International Passport

Nigerian International Passport

Nigerian International Passport

If your are intending to travel outside of Nigeria for business, leisure or other activities such as school purposes need a Nigerian international passport.

The Nigerian international passport is your chance to enjoy international travel and explore different cultures, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world (provided you have the correct visa). The international passport is not the same as the ECOWAS passport, which only grants travel entry into 15 West African states. Nigerians wanting to travel outside of West Africa are required to get a Nigerian international passport.

To apply for a new passport, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) currently only issues electronic passports (e-passports) for new applications. Ordinary citizens can apply for a Standard e-passport (green cover), while official e-passports (blue cover) are reserved for government officials and Nigerian diplomats.

Types of International Passports

Ordinary Passport: The ordinary passport is also known as a regular passport or tourist passport. This is the type of passport that is issued frequently to citizens of a country and allows for international travel. This passport is usually valid for 10 years.

Collective Passport: A collective passport is issued to a group, such as school children or tour groups travelling abroad together.

ePassport: An epassport- also called electronic passport is a regular passport booklet that contains an electronic chip in the cover. This electronic chip contains the passport holder’s information and also provides an extra layer of security against passport fraud.

Official passport: An official passport is a type of passport that is issued to government employees. This passport allows officials in the destination country know that the holder is entering the country on official business or representing their country in an official capacity.

Period of Expiration: Currently, standard international passports are valid for five years. You may only renew your passport once all available pages have been used.

Emergency passport: An emergency passport- also known as a temporary passport, is issued when you lost your passport or had it stolen and you don’t have time to apply for a new one.

What are the Requirements?

When appearing at the immigration office, the requirements for the international passport are as follows:

Adults (18 years and over):

  1. Completed passport application form
  2. Two recent passport-size photographs
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Letter of ID from local government/ state of origin (valid staff ID card attached)
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Completed Guarantor’s form (with photocopy of data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-passport and one passport-size photograph of the Guarantor)
  7. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  8. Name change affidavit (if applicable)

Minors (below 18 years of age):

  1. Completed passport application form
  2. One passport-size photograph (signed on reverse side by consenting parent/s)
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s
  5. Letter of consent from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable)
  6. Proof of payment

*In the event that the child is adopted, a Court Order and Letter of approval from State Ministry of Women and Child Development is required.

To stay up-to-date on the requirements for the international passport requirements, Visit the official Website of Nigeria Immigration Service

How Much Does it Cost?

Payment for your Nigerian international passport must be made online, in either naira or U.S. Dollars. Cash payments are not accepted.

Please note these prices were taken from the official Nigerian Immigration Services website and are subject to change.

AGE: 0 – 17 YRSAGE: 18 – 59 YRSAGE: 60 YRS +
Passport Booklet Fee₦ 8,750₦ 15,000₦ 8,750₦ 20,000
Address Verification Fee₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000₦ 2,000
TOTAL₦ 10,750₦ 17,000₦ 10,750₦ 22,000
Application Through Agent

If you’d prefer to submit your application through an agent in Nigeria, rather than online, please be aware that this process may take a lot longer. Be careful which agents you work with so as to avoid getting caught in fraud scams and documents getting lost. Even with an agent involved, you are still required to appear in person at the immigration office with your required documents. Unfortunately, Travelstart does not assist its customers in applying for a Nigerian international passport.

A new passport application takes around 48 hours to process after your biometric data has been captured. In some cases, it has been known to take up to a month to process, so make sure you apply well in advance.


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