How Does Opera Browser Make Money

Today, a very common question that is frequently asked by many tech-savvy youths whose eyes are on the versatility of one of the strongest digital browsing platforms in the world is how does Opera browser make money. Since money rules the world, the growing technological advancement of the moment has really provided a lot of routes to and chances for making huge financial gains and then stocking yourself up with both constructive and positive vibes to march with it.

Opera is a multi-platform web browser developed by its namesake company Opera. The browser is based on Chromium since 2013 when it switched from Presto engine, but distinguishes itself from other Chromium-based browsers through its user interface and other features. Opera was initially released on 10 April 1995, making it one of the oldest desktop web browsers still actively developed.

It was commercial software for its first ten years and had its own proprietary layout engine, Presto. The company released a gaming-oriented version of the browser, Opera GX, in 2019, and a blockchain-focused Opera Crypto Browser into public beta in January 2022.

Opera is a profitable business that has been growing its customer base and revenue consistently. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Opera’s net income reached $25.4 million as opposed to $22 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. Despite the tremendous increase in its operating budget, the company continues to grow.

How Does Opera Browser Make Money

Having discovered the Opera browser platform to be one big company that carts away with billions of Dollars on the steady through internet business, you including other web developers, bloggers, or curious individuals may have to be grappling with the question, how does opera browser make money and all that. The answers that will be shared here, I am sure, will therefore serve as roadmaps to your personal growth.

Opera itself is a Norwegian software company that specializes in building browsers, providing fintech services, and developing other small offerings. This company offers so many ways by which it daily draws its world wide customers close. Some of the tactics it uses to do so and hence makes its money are what will be the focus of this content  below:

Opera Web Browsing

Opera launched itself as a browser-making company and monetized the business. Although its desktop and mobile browsers are available free of charge, Opera partners with other tech companies to deliver services and earns from those partnerships. Through browsing, it has cornered a lot of platforms from which it amasses its profits in a big way. Namely:

  1. Search partners: Opera directs its traffic to search engines like Google, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo. Although its default search engine is Google, users can change it as per their preference. Also, Opera browser has integrated search and shopping bars to serve the needs of its partners like Facebook, Flipkart, and Amazon.
  2. Partnerships with OEMs, OS manufacturers, and UI owners: Opera signs service contracts and licenses its applications to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Operating System manufacturers, and User Interface owners. The company also charges for customer service, upgradation of rights, and new releases.

Opera Games

Another angle on how does Opera browser make money. Opera is trying to consolidate its position in the gaming industry through Opera GX browser and YoYo Games. While Opera GX doesn’t charge its users, the acquisition of YoYo Games is bound to be profitable for Opera. With the launch of Opera GX, the company has shown an interest to step into the gaming sector.

In January 2021, Opera launched its gaming division by acquiring YoYo Games, the company which developed GameMaker Studio 2. Opera seems to be making heavy virtual gaming applications faster and more compact.

Opera for Business

Opera has partnered with Google My Business to bring the benefits of digital marketing and online advertising to small businesses, big brands, and startups. It helps them reach a precisely targeted audience on Opera, Google, and Facebook. Opera’s Analytics lets them track their progress and improve according to their customers’ preferences.

Advertising Partners

A considerable percentage of Opera’s revenue comes from the advertisements it displays on browsers and the news app. Opera for business allows small businesses and brands to reach Opera, Google, and Facebook users and helps the company earn in the process.

Opera News

Opera News app was rolled out in 2019 to provide its users with a short, engaging presentation of important national and international news.

Concerned about the development of underdeveloped African nations, the company launched Opera News Lite. The writers and content creators who publish articles here are paid for their services.

Opera Fintech

Opera has been growing its micro-lending business in South Asian and African countries with apps like OPesa, OKash, and CashBean. It formed Nanobank by combining its microlending business with Mobimagic in 2020. The share of Opera’s revenue from fintech has been increasing in the past years.

Its online microlending business earned it $71.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. In the last quarter of 2020, Nanobank announced revenue of $46 million. With the merger and acquisition of fintech enterprises, Pocosys, and Fjord Bank, the company stepped into the European fintech industry.

It has joined the EU’s Emerging Payments Association and announced the launch of its first fintech startup, Dify.

Opera Hype

Hype is a chat service built into Opera Mini’s Interface. To offer a seamless experience to users in underdeveloped African countries, the company aims to make Opera Mini a compact all-in-one app. For this, Hype is integrated into it. All these including this one here answers the question of how does Opera browser make money.

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