Owner of Etisalat Which Is Now 9mobile

You may have been asking who the heck is the owner of Etisalat which is now 9mobile? If I guess right, I am here happy to tell you that you have just made the right click. This is so because we shall be unveiling the golden brain behind the establishment of one of the best telecommunication and network brands in Africa, particularly Nigeria.

UAE-owned Brand

Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC, doing business as Etisalat by e&, is an UAE state-owned telecommunications company.

It is the 18th largest mobile network operator in the world by number of subscribers. It is one of the Internet hubs in the Middle East (AS8966), providing connectivity to other telecommunications operators in the region. It is also the largest carrier of international voice traffic in the Middle East and Africa and the 12th largest voice carrier in the world.

Etisalat International Investments was the business unit of Etisalat that operated telecom operations outside the UAE and managed the corporation’s stakes in telecommunications carriers in Afghanistan, Egypt, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. As of July 2021, Etisalat has presence and operations in 15 countries outside the United Arab Emirates.

In Nigeria, the rebirth of Etisalat to 9mobile has encapsulated the true Nigerian spirit of excellence, simultaneously keeping its essence of being noticed as a leading brand with global appeal.

Alan Sinfield – 9mobile

The 9mobile Chairman, Nasir Bayero, believes that Sinfield’s experience will play a critical role in improving the company’s position in Nigeria’s telecom industry.

Alan Sinfield

Alan Sinfield, CEO 9mobile

Nigerian mobile network provider, 9mobile, has completed its age-long transition from Etisalat Nigeria with the appointment of Alan Sinfield as its first substantive CEO. Sinfield is taking over from acting CEO, Stephane Beuvelet who assumed the transitional role in November 2018.

Owner of Etisalat

Stephane Beuvelet, CEO Etisalat

Sinfield’s appointment comes at the end of a long transition period for Nigeria’s fourth major telco. He definitely has a wealth of experience with various telecom companies (telcos) in the Middle East and South-East Asia. He served as Chief Information and Customer Services Officer of Orascom Telecom, Iraq.

Between 2006 and 2019 he also served as CEO of Starlink in Qatar, CADSCOMM in Cambodia, Ananda Livemore in Myanmar.

9mobile, is a Nigerian private limited liability company. EMTS acquired a Unified Access Service License from the Nigerian Communications Commission in 2007.

The License enables EMTS to provide Fixed Telephony (wired or wireless), Digital Mobile Services, International Gateway Services, and National/Regional Long Distance Services in addition to spectrum assignments in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands. The Current managing director and chief executive officer of 9mobile is Mr Bode Olusanya.

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