The Reasons for the Russia Invasion of Ukraine.

The reasons for war invasion between Russia and Ukraine are really of international significance as the two European countries have recently gone into some serious loggerheads over what ought to be discussed in an indoor settlement meeting.

Many citizens have been leaving the capital city of Kyiv.

The question now is, is this the dawn of another international war, WORLD WAR III?

Currently, there is fear around the Ukrainian borders, particularly in Belgorod region, and across the world at large as no one knows what could happen within the next breathing minutes, given the sophistication of the Russian military power and the NATO’s hanging tendency to support Ukraine. All these in the midst of life-threatening and destructive threats constantly issued by Putin, the Russian president since unwarranted attack started against Ukraine yesterday.

The Reasons for the Russia Invasion of Ukraine.

Even though Ukraine has been fighting back the Russian militarized attack of her lands an citizens, below are the reasons for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine:

Annexation of the Donbas Land

The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing armed conflict that began in February 2014, primarily involving Russia and pro-Russian forces on one hand, and Ukraine on the other. The conflict initially centered on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas, which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. Regardless of Crimea being part of the Ukrainian land, Russia still claims it as her own. This however resulted in the Russian annexation of Crimea, a part of Ukraine in 2014 which then led to the Donbas War to date.

This has really caused some naval incidents, cyberwarfare, political tensions, and Russian military buildups near Ukraine’s borders from 2021.

In recent date, Russia moved forces into the separatist-controlled regions on 22 February 2022. This culminated in a full Russian invasion of Ukraine yesterday, 24 February, 2022.

The Clash of Interests

The war in Ukraine has been a result of the clash of interests of world powers such as USA and Russia. The US, being a capitalist/liberal state, has since the independence of Ukraine from Russian rule been a major support to the country. Total U.S. assistance since independence has been calculated to be more than $3 billion. U.S. assistance to Ukraine is targeted to promote political and economic reform and to address urgent humanitarian needs. The U.S. has consistently encouraged Ukraine’s transition to a democratic society with a prosperous market-based economy. And since then, Ukraine and USA have been maintaining some good business relations until Russia begins to feel the necessity to claim what she thinks belongs to her. This is indirectly a move against the capitalist ideology of US which happens to contradict the communist standards of Russia.

While Russia and the United States maintain globally significant and strategic foreign-relations ties. Both nations have shared interests in nuclear safety and security, nonproliferation, counterterrorism, and space exploration, there is no agreement whatsoever over whether one can claim superiority over the other in terms of power and control of lands. Each country wants to show the other the limits of their international politics.


Following Russia’s insurrectionist intentions, there had been some separatist movements going on in Ukraine since independence. The Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic who are formerly militias and armed volunteer groups unified as the United Armed Forces of Novorossiya and affiliated with the unrecognized political union called Novorossiya, New Russia.

These militants and separatists have since 2014 been wreaking tensions, increasingly, by actively getting involved in fighting a war against the Ukrainian government in the Donbas region of Ukraine. The militia was accused by the Ukrainian government of culpability in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on 17 July 2014, but the Donetsk People’s Republic disputed this claim. The militias of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic merged on 16 September 2014, forming the United Armed Forces of Novorossiya. t’s widely believed that the separatists are supported by the Russian Armed Forces.


Human rights organizations across the world have condemned Russia for its actions in post-revolutionary Ukraine, accusing it of breaking international law and violating Ukrainian sovereignty. Many countries have also implemented economic sanctions against Russia, Russian individuals or companies, including football clubs, countries who seizes the properties of Russian businessmen and women outside Russia. These are peaceful attempts at evoking attention to conflict resolution and therefore put a stop to the needless invasion and attack.

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