Philippines Cheapest Universities For International Students- Updated List.

Philippines Cheapest Universities- Apart from the amazing educational system in Philistines, the country  is covered with thousands of islands, the country of Philippines is a great place for tourists, and there are still thousands of islands that are not inhabited by people.

Philippines Cheapest Universities

Filipinos are people that speak English very fluently. This, along with its mix of cultures and a recently renewed education system, make the Philippines a perfect destination for international students.

Philippines has some of the most affordable universities with sounds education in the world, here is the  cheapest  Philippines universities in the  for international students.

Philippines Cheapest Universities- Updated List.

Here is the list of some of the universities from the Philippines that has affordable and low tuition fees.

1. Ateneo De Manila University

This traditional university stands on the third most old universities in the Philippines. This university is included in the list of private universities, used mostly for research work.

This university was established in 1859. This traditional university offers the national and international students, the courses of bachelors, masters, and professional programs.

To apply to this university, you can get the details through the official website of the university. You can apply online or by registering in university.

2. Mapúa University (MU)

This university was established almost a century ago. This university is located in the city of Manilla. This university has two sub-campuses in the Philippines.

This university offers the students the courses of sciences, engineering, management, architecture, designing, education, and Information Technology. The students can choose their relevant course and can get their seats reserved in the university.

The semester fees are reasonable and affordable so that the international students can get quality education by paying fewer charges.

To get admission, the students must be having the certificates of previous education and their birth certificate. The students can apply through getting the online forms through the website.

3. University of the Philippines (UP)

This university was established in 1908. This university is classified as the best and largest university in the country. This university is providing exceptional results for many years. This university has well-developed labs, research units, and offices to provide the best academic to students.

You can get admission in your desired course at this university. The admission is best on the grading and GPA of your high school. Apply online and reserve your seat at this university.

4. University of San Carlos (USC)

This university was at first a college, developed in 1595. This is a cheap and affordable university that offers the students better learning in fewer charges.

This old university has a total of 5 campuses in the Philippines. This university offers the students the courses of arts, economics, design, architecture, engineering, and business.

You can apply to this university by selecting your relevant field and through an online application.

5. Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ)

This university was established as a college in 1948. It became a university in 2005. This is one of the cheapest university in the Philippines that offer the students a better and practical education.

By getting the forms online, you can fill and submit the forms by attaching the required documents.

6. De La Salle University

This university is a large educational institute that offers the students departments of arts, humanities, sciences, and other options. This is the first university to provide the offer of robotics and mechatronics.

This feature enhances the efficiency and fame of the university. This university can provide the students with the best of education, using modern techniques. The use of advancement and technology is made accessible in this university.

To apply, get the online forms and after filling the forms attach the required documents for the application.

7. University of Santo Tomas

This is the oldest university in the history of the Philippines. It was established in 1611. This is basically owned by the private sector. This university has been serving the students with the best education, for many decades.

The requirement for applying is that the student must be having a good command of the English language. The recommendation letter is compulsory.

The student must be having at least 50% grading. An international student must have a medical certificate and must pass the IELTS test.  To apply the student can visit the official website and can apply through online means.

Why You Should Study In Philippines:

Philippines has hundreds of higher education institutions

There are more than 2,000 higher education institutions in the Philippines. 656 of them are public and the rest are private.

These institutions are divided into state universities and colleges (regulated and funded by the government and the Congress) and local universities and colleges (regulated by local government units).

Language is not a  problem.

English is currently their official language. Thus, programs at universities are fully taught in this language.

Filipinos use many languages and uses many words in Spanish when talking and the names of many places like universities are also in Spanish. In fact, Spanish and Arabic are recognized as auxiliary languages and there are 19 regional languages.

Affordable tuition fees 

In 2017, the government of the Philippines passed a law that made higher education completely free for Filipino citizens at public universities. Those studying at private universities would receive financial aid through subsidies.

For international students,  Prices go from USD 1,000 to USD 7,000 per academic year in both private and public universities. Still, the tuition at these universities in the Philippines is very affordable.

Benefits of studying in the Philippines

  • National and international students can get the following benefit while studying in the Philippines:
  • Practical application of education
  • Very accurate and fluent English
  • High chances of employment
  • Protection and security
  • Reasonable charges for the semester fee
  • Chances of scholarships
  • Education by some best Asian teachers

How To Study In Philippines Cheapest Universities

1. Choose a government-recognized school or university. A list of recognized schools and universities is available at the website of the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

2. Establish direct contact with the university or school through their admissions office or international students office to obtain information on admission requirements, school fees, accommodation, and student visa. Most major universities and learning institutions have official websites where you can obtain their email addresses and telephone numbers. They also have an international students office to assist in the processing of visa.

3. Beware of dubious agents and education consultants. The Embassy of the Philippines does not accredit any education consultants nor does it recognize their endorsements for visa processing. Validate any information that you get directly with the university or school concerned.

4. Personal appearance and interview of the student is required by the Embassy of the Philippines in the acceptance of visa application. The interview process must be incorporated in your preparation and travel plans.

4. The Embassy of the Philippines does not accept any application filed on behalf of the student by agents or proxies.

Make sure that your documents are complete before appearing before the Philippine Embassy or Consulate for interview. The Embassy may require additional documents if it deems necessary, to fully ascertain the authenticity and veracity of documents and information provided to the Embassy.

5. If you are planning to take Medicine or Dentistry, take note that these are quota courses with limited slots for international students, as required by the Philippine government. Make sure that your university has an available slot for you if you are taking these courses. Do note that pre-Medicine courses like BS Biology, BS Psychology, etc. will not automatically guarantee you a slot in the Medicine (MD) program. Your performance in the pre-Medicine program can be a factor in your acceptance to Medicine proper.

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