Profitable Agricultural Business in Uganda

15 Most Profitable Agricultural Business in Uganda

Profitable agricultural business in Uganda: Just like many African countries, agriculture is a prime sector of Uganda’s economy. More than 80 per cent of women are employed in agriculture, which accounts for more than 75 per cent of total agricultural output.

Since most Ugandans live in rural areas and practice farming, raising agriculture revenues a Centre piece of the country’s National Development Plan is essential to decreasing poverty, improving wealth, and generating jobs, especially for women and youth.

There’s no doubt that agriculture business is a profitable enterprise in Uganda considering the fact that the country population is increasing at a faster rate.

This means that demand for agricultural products is certainly guaranteed yet land remains fixed, giving an opportunity to those with it to make clean money

There are various of agricultural products that are in demand and these products need to be grown or produce by farmers. These are the most profitable agricultural business to grow and sell in Uganda.

Most Profitable Agricultural Business in Uganda

What are the most profitable agricultural business in Uganda?

1. Juice production

Uganda is blessed with so many fruits, you do not need to import many fruits from abroad in order to make quality juice. So with the juice-making machinery in place, starting up a juice production business can be considered as one of the business ideas.

Your juice can be for mangoes, oranges, lemons or any other fruits and vegetables. Though there is some competition in this sector, you can still make good money out of it if your juice has something unique about it to your competitors.

2. Maize, Millets and Rice

Maize, millets and rice are the most profitable agricultural business in Uganda as well as the most important cereal crops cultivated in Uganda. They’re also becoming more important in terms of providing revenue to rural people and the national economy.

Rainfall amount and distribution determine high potential locations for each crop to a great extent.

Typically, maize requires moderate to heavy rainfall evenly distributed throughout the growing season.

3. Finger Millet

After maize, finger millet is among Uganda’s  most significant cereal and most profitable agricultural business in Uganda. Its production is centered in the country’s east, north, and southwest.

The districts of Apac, Lira, Gulu, Kitgum, Iganga, Kamuli, Soroti, and Tororo account for up to 65 per cent of the country’s total land area.

4. Goat farming

Goat farming is a  profitable agricultural business in Uganda.  Goats have a low mortality rate, are comfortable in colder climates and are generally quite healthy.

Goat farming has many revenue sources such as breeding and goats, selling goats for meat, milk, and producing goat cheese.

Additionally, you could make goat milk soap and lotions to sell to wholesale, locally or online.  Goat farming business plan for beginners.

5. Fish Farming

Fish is not only delicious but also nutritious. To invest in fish farming in Uganda needs some training but if done properly, it is a business worth every money invested in it.

You can do fish farming near a lake, river, water stream or even pond.

The whole of Uganda enjoys fish, so lacking a market for your fish is never a possibility here in Uganda.

6. Sheep Farming

Sheep farmers make money both by selling sheep’s wool and animals for human consumption in every part of Uganda.

7. Rabbit Farm

Rabbits are famously rapid breeders making for a quick and profitable business idea in Uganda.  Rabbits can be sold for pets or to specialty breeders.

8. Poultry Farming

Breeding of fowl both for consumption and egg production is a good agricultural business idea in Uganda.

You could specialize in particular breeds such as Cornish game hens, quail for eggs or pheasants.

This increases your profits and differentiates yourself from other poultry breeders.

9. Snail Farm

In Uganda recently, snail farming is a profitable farm business which has been introduced into the country.

It is common knowledge that most farmers hate snails since they are seen as pests but there has been a growing interest due to the fact that snails are used for medical value and as a source of food and income.

You can start a snail farm with an outdoor pen or breed snails indoors. The market is growing and you can profit nicely from selling specialty snails to fine restaurants.

10. Banana Plantation

Bananas have become the staple food of many in Uganda and also other countries.

With over 90% of all Ugandan districts planting bananas, there is a high love and market for bananas.

Countries neighbouring Uganda like Sudan do not grow bananas as compared as how Uganda does yet they enjoy eating bananas too, so they provide a market for bananas in Uganda.

11. Bee Farming

Bee farming is not a common farming business in Uganda but the business is also profitable. With the reduction of wild bees, bee farming has become a big business.

To create your honey bee business you could keep beehives, sell honey, honeycomb, beeswax, and bees.

Additionally, you could provide pollination services for farmers or sell entire bee colonies.

12. Flower Business

The flower business is one of the promising business in Uganda.

The business requires all types of flowers, especially unique and hard to grow varieties.

Growing, processing, and selling flowers are the best way to make money.

13. Pig Farming

Last but not least is the pig farming business. I can not say much about this business but it is so profitable.

If you can get around 12 piglets from one pig in a year, you really have no excuse for staying poor here in Uganda.

14. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is one of the popular farming business ideas in Uganda.

With time the demand for milk is rising.

It produces manure in huge quantities. This business needs proper knowledge about the profession.

15. Fruit Growing

Fruit-growing business is a profitable agricultural business in Uganda.

Fruits like mangoes, avocadoes, oranges, passion fruits and many more have a very high demand in Uganda and abroad.

Venturing into fruit growing can be one of the best businesses to start in the agricultural sector.

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