Putting our phone in pocket or bra

Putting our phone in pocket or bra: 3 reasons why you should avoid it.

Putting our phone in pocket or bra is what everyone is guilty of. We do it on a daily basis. We just can’t avoid it so easily. It’s just so easy if you have to have your hands free. And on top of that: we cannot let it slip out of our hands. Yet we should do away with putting our phone in pocket or bra, because it isn’t good for us at all.

From now on it is better to put your phone in a bag. Here are the reason why it necessary to put our phone in bag and avoid putting them in our pocket or bra.

1. Beware of the phone

Not only is carrying a phone in your pocket or bra potentially harmful; another risky habit many people have is charging their telephone in bed. Do you put your phone on the charger at night? Then there’s a good chance that your telephone will be next to your head – but, beware of this. It can be dangerous if the phone is unplugged from the charger and the contact point touches a piece of jewelry. So, take off bracelets and necklaces and do not take that phone to bed with you.

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2. Bad for your skin

The radiation coming from your phone can do you harm, according to Dr. Devra Davis’s research. For years, she studied the effects of a smartphone that is worn close to the skin. Your skin is very sensitive to radiation and other external influences, and these can have a negative impact on your health.

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3. DNA damage

For example, did you know that radiation from a phone can affect the protective layer on your brain? In addition, DNA damage can occur, and you’ll have a higher chance of suffering from depression. “Take a look at the manual of your iPhone, it literally states that it is better not to wear the phone on your skin or in your pocket,” Dr. Davis explains. A study has revealed that this can affect the bone density in the pelvis. Put it in your bag from now on!

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