Quantitative Research Topics in School

The list of quantitative research topics in school is long and it is believed that it will be helpful in case of need especially if you are a student or a researcher by choice and profession. Quantitative research promotes the objective empirical investigation of observable phenomena to test and understand relationships. This is done through a range of quantifying methods and techniques which include:

  • The generation of models, theories and hypotheses
  • The development of instruments and methods for measurement
  • Experimental control and manipulation of variables
  • Collection of empirical data
  • Modeling and analysis of data

Qualitative methods might be used to understand the meaning of the conclusions produced by quantitative methods. Using quantitative methods, it is possible to give precise and testable expression to qualitative ideas. This combination of quantitative and qualitative data gathering is often referred to as mixed-methods research.

This type of research produces information only on the particular cases studied, and any more general conclusions are only hypotheses. Quantitative methods can be used to verify which of such hypotheses are true.

Quantitative research is a research strategy that focuses on quantifying the collection and analysis of data. It is formed from a deductive approach where emphasis is placed on the testing of theory, shaped by empiricist and positivist philosophies.

The objective of quantitative research is to develop and employ mathematical models, theories, and hypotheses pertaining to phenomena. The process of measurement is central to quantitative research because it provides the fundamental connection between empirical observation and mathematical expression of quantitative relationships.

There are always much to say about running quantitative research as an academic. Below are some of the quantitative research topics in school that might be of great benefits to you, in season or out of season:

  • The effect of mobile phone usage on student learning.
  • Step by step guide to using email.
  • Is there any advantage to the author for using metaphors and similes?
  • How do you see an attention deficit syndrome? A myth or a reality
  • The effect of mobile phone usage on student learning.
  • Step by step guide to using email.
  • How often do you buy mobile phones for fitness purposes?
  • Relationship between eyewitness testimony and memory.
  • How much would you be willing to pay for a men’s lifestyle magazine?
  • Discuss the significance of self-defending networks

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  • How regularly do you go abroad for a holiday?
  • The effect of artificial intelligence on the planet in the near future
  • Difference between daily calorie intake between men and women in the United States.
  • Who is more responsive to beer ads: men or women?
  • List some nonexperimental research methodologies related to psychology
  • Push-ups and human health
  • The basic uses of imagery in a novel
  • Discuss the significance of SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • The ozone hole and its impact on the environment
  • The greenhouse gas effect: What is it and how has it impacted the atmosphere
  • GMO crops: are they good or bad for your health?
  • Is there a direct link between education quality and job attainment?
  • How have education systems changed from traditional to modern times?
  • The good and bad impacts of technology on education qualities
  • What is the link between educational achievement and economic status?
  • The factors that are responsible for animal behavior
  • Differentiate trends, perceptions, and beliefs
  • Role of computer technology in airport security
  • Parental involvement and academic achievement
  • What is the relationship between children’s nutrition and their cognitive development?
  • Are mobile phones somehow responsible for psychological disorders?
  • How can we relate urbanization with economic growth?
  • The relationship between eyewitness testimony and memory
  • The effect of video game playing on academic performance at a community college
  • Discuss the functioning of the GPS system
  • Cyberbullying in high schools
  • Can put certain chemicals in frog ponds increase the bodyweight of frogs?
  • The significance of ethics in psychological research

Getting the Best Topics on Quantitative Research

Making a quantitative research title is easy if you know the qualities of a good title in quantitative research. Reading about how to make a quantitative research title may not help as much as looking at some samples.

Looking at a quantitative research example title will give you an idea of where to start. However, let’s look at some tips for how to make a quantitative research title:

  • The title should seem interesting to readers
  • Ensure that the title represents the content of the research paper
  • Reflect on the tone of the writing in the title
  • The title should contain important keywords in your chosen subject to help readers find your paper
  • The title should not be too lengthy
  • It should be grammatically correct and creative
  • It must generate curiosity

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