Funny Things to Draw When You’re Bored

There are a number of funny things to draw when you’re bored. This is so because drawing can be a quick and easy way to indulge in some creative fun. It is a form of visual art in which an artist uses instruments to mark paper or other two-dimensional surface.

In the practice of drawing, you get to spend or burn your dripping emotions and therefore ease or relieve yourself of some worries or anxieties before time.

But the question remains what should you try to draw?

Funny Things to Draw When You’re Bored

In order to answer the question stated above, we will be providing you with some of the popular but funny things to draw when you’re bored in the home or at work, or even in school. Look below, check them out:

Draw a Tree

First of the funny things to draw when you’re bored is tree. Each tree has its own way of branching, so start by looking at its basic shapes and then filling it in from there. Once you’ve got the trunk and head of the tree outlined, fill in branches where you see them. Add in sky holes last—breaks in the leafy tree canopy where you can see the sky.Think of leaves as masses, especially if you’re studying the tree from afar. Don’t outline every leaf; instead, add the most detail where leaves meet the sky, as that is where you can see their shape most clearly.

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Draw a Flower

Flowers are a fun and versatile drawing subject because they’re so varied in shape, size, and color. Pick your favorite flower to sketch, and focus on lightly outlining its basic shape before adding in petals and further detail. Don’t be afraid to use a reference—it will help you become a better artist!

If you have a garden, you could go outside and draw the first flower you see. Otherwise, you could look up a picture of the flower you want to draw online.

For example, you can easily draw a rose in bloom by drawing its center as a small circle and then layering petals in irregular rows around it. If flowers aren’t your style, draw a pinecone instead. Draw the pinecone’s teardrop shape first and fill in its overlapping scales.

Draw Shapes

For spheres, you can make a light rough outline with your pencil, sketching quickly as you capture the overall shape. Cubes are a little easier to sketch since they’re all straight lines; draw two overlapping squares of the same size and connect their corners to make your cube.

Try drawing other 3D shapes, like cones, pyramids, and prisms. This will help you develop your skill in creating 3D objects on 2D paper.

Draw Imaginary Creature

This is similar to drawing a regular animal—it just requires a little more imagination! Outline a dragon’s reptilian head, body, and joints before sketching the details. Draw a unicorn the same way you’d draw a horse before adding a horn. Start with a scaly, serpentine body if you want to draw a simple sea monster.

As part of the essentially listed funny things to draw when you’re bored, you could also create your own mythological creature if you’re ready to flex your imagination.

Draw a Vista of Nature

Once you have your reference for the drawing, start off by blocking out the biggest shapes in the landscape. Then, refine it with contour lines and smaller elements—like rocks and plants in the background. Finally, capture the landscape’s details, like blades of grass and texture on trees and rocks.

To ensure accuracy, consider using a grid. Draw grid lines over your reference photo and the same-proportion grid lines over your drawing paper. You’ll have a more detailed guide as you sketch your landscape.

Draw Animals Based How you Feel

It is fine to get creative by combining different animal features into one drawing. If you’re looking to go beyond realistic drawings, use your imagination to craft an animal of your own design. Pick two or three regular animals you’d like to combine and study each animal to find which aspects you want to incorporate in your sketch. Then, outline your animal and add detail to the drawing.

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