10 Reasons Why Education Is Not Important.

10 Reasons Why Education Is Not Important.

10 reasons why education is not important will be ordered here in this article for you to see that even though education is a much appreciated legacy which is thought to be majorly contributive to human successes in life, this same phenomenal torchbearer should not be entirely worshipped as the only yardstick to success. Different people across different backgrounds have nurtured the hopes that education alone can do the job of lifting people above the rims of daily life’s challenges, ranging from economic, political, to social.

Ever since the civilization of mankind has begun, the essence of education cannot be overridden as both the act of teaching knowledge to others and the act of receiving knowledge from someone else. In an academic arena, a complete research paper style, research paper structure and experimental research are typically an accomplishment of education. Education also refers to the knowledge received through schooling or instruction and to the institution of teaching as a whole.

It is said that education is so important. This is because it develops critical thinking. Meanwhile, critical thinking is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people (e.g., boosting creativity, enhancing time management). Education helps an individual meet basic job qualifications and makes them more likely to secure better jobs. Also, education improves your emotional intelligence. You become a better person – more like understanding, kind, self-sufficient, love yourself before anyone else, yet self-less. So, this is how education makes life better. It changes your perspective towards life.

On the other hand, education is not really so important as overhyped to be a prominent cornerstone in the success stories of men and women of great value in this present society. Why? Here are the 10 reasons why education is not important particularly.

10 Reasons Why Education Is Not Important.

Education is not necessary to achieve success. Success depends on an individual’s capacity to use his talent and creativity in most effective manner. Even if you are uneducated, or have received a very little education even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

1. Education Teaches Limited Ideas

Education teaches certain things, and much of the curriculum are specific and focused on a certain subject or topic.  Teachers are only allowed to use certain books in English classes have to teach certain topics in history and it leaves little room for creative thinking or spirited debates. Religion, sexuality, different cultures, government, psychology, theology, and philosophy are topics that education so far has not taught so well. People do not get to explore different ideas and talk with people about different views without feeling threatened or defensive with education.

2. Education Does Not Give Room For Argument of Ideas

School allows for very limited thinking and does its best to suppress conflict.  But by not teaching students how to talk about their differences in opinion without feeling threatened, students instead choose to put down ideas that were different than theirs because in school, teachers are made to believe they have the highest knowledge and their knowledge alone is the highest. This is also one of the 10 reasons why education is not important.

3. Education Never Make Rich

In fact, many of the world’s richest men are not necessarily professors, academic scholars, or doctors. Rather, they are those who took a further step beyond the classroom to do something different from what is taught. This means education does not necessarily teach you what to do to make it in real life situations.

4. Education Is Not Equal To Skills

Most people go on to experience life, broaden their own horizons, and become much more opened minded and educated through their various encounters in life. Skilled individuals today did not get most of their skills through education. Life skills like making chairs, building houses, sewing clothes, coding, etc. are not learnt in schools, you will have to learn them outside the walls of school. This makes another one of the 10 reasons why education is not important.

5. Education Makes Not Intelligent

You can be very intelligent without school. The problem is kids love learning until they are put into the systematic factory that is called school. Kids do not really makes anyone intelligent. What education does is make you believe you are just a poodle that knows nothing and must learn what others see as inapplicable trash compulsorily. But a mind that thinks outside the box is the mind that is truly intelligent and this is what the school as bohemian, that is, someone who is unconventional and unacceptable.

6. Education Mostly Imparts Impracticable Knowledge

Imagine you have been in school for years and you are not anywhere close to learning things you have ever dreamt to become or anything close to the job that has always been your passion. Surprisingly, education may regard your passion as something that is nonsensical or stupid or unfit. Meanwhile, these are things that are capable of not only changing lives but also capable of motivating sanity in the society.

7. Education Fuels Arrogance

Very painful that this is one of the 10 reasons why education is not important. It is said that arrogance goes before a fall. Many individuals believe that once they are educated, they are somehow better than those who have skills in the society. This anomaly actually makes them blind to other possibilities and gainful enterprise.

8. Education Wastes Talent

Education neglects talents and focuses on its own selfish campaign of cramming.  many students who have become talented stars today recount how they had to contend with that selfishness in order to have their way. You can imagine how many talents that have been wasted in the name of education. Some lecturers sexually harass their female students (which may have a negative implication on the life of the student), many students indulge in acts such as hooliganism, gangsterism, cultism and other devilish acts, all in the name of school.

9. Education Wastes Time

What could be easily accomplished within a short period of time will be delayed for a very long period just to acquire a certificate. A lot of technicians, fashion designers, photographers learn what they know today within months unlike those who go to school spending a lifetime just to know how to define a noun. Often, you find yourselves in classes with no application to your daily lives, or even to the curriculum. It is one of the 10 reasons why education is not important.

10. Education Relies On Outdated Information

Education as found in schools and colleges relies heavily on outdated knowledge that are not updated to be in synch with the current demands on reality. This is why many youths find education boring. Many fathers of civilization had to drop out of schools just to concentrate on the major needs and concerns of their modern periods and times. This too is one important reason among the 10 reasons why education is not important.


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