Reseller Hosting: Reasons to Start Your Own Reseller Business

Reseller hosting is a great business opportunity for people who have skills useful in the digital world. Many web designers, developers, and programmers have already purchased a reseller hosting plan from a company and branded it as an independent venture or offered it as an additional service to their clients. 

In this article, we will go over how reseller hosting actually works and a few other helpful pieces of information.

Reasons to Start Your Own Reseller Business:

  1. You can easily learn everything you need to know when it comes to hosting.
  2. The entry barriers are low, and the initial costs are quite affordable. 
  3. It doesn’t require too much time to run this business.
  4. You can attract clients by simply creating a website and promoting it. 
  5. The profit margins can be big.


This type of hosting refers to renting out and using a server space and bandwidth from a web hosting provider. The purpose of it is for an individual to resell this space to people who are in search of a hosting solution. 

Additionally, the reseller can offer these services under their own brand name because reseller web hosting can be entirely white-label. The resources the reseller has purchased can be divided into several plans for several users. 

The organization, as well as management of clients and plans, is done through interfaces such as  WHM or cPanel. Since cPanel is dependable and user-friendly, many users choose it for their needs. It gives customers the opportunity to incorporate 3rd party applications like WordPress and Joomla.

Linux Reseller Hosting

Without a doubt, Linux is the best-known open-source OS, and getting server space from a server running on Linux operating system is referred to as Linux reseller hosting. 

Due to its higher level of dependability, security, and flexibility when compared to other OS, Linux is a preferred OS for web hosting. Keep in mind cPanel web hosting is supported by Linux hosting.

Linux reseller hosting is a better and cheaper option for anyone who is considering becoming a reseller.


The term “cPanel” refers to one of the most widely used Linux-based control panels for web hosting. With the help of the web-based application, users can simply manage any aspect of their web hosting account. 

Moreover, beginners can efficiently utilize and manage hosting accounts because it is simple and straightforward. It enables management of all services in one location and it is the favored option for the majority of web developers and the industry standard due to a number of features. 

Most resellers use cPanel to manage their clients’ accounts, so it is a great option to consider if you want to start your own reseller business.


Reseller hosting is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are tech-savvy or for those who want to learn how to manage their own hosting company. There are several reasons to start this venture, the low initial investment and the potential for profit being the most important ones. If you want to become a reseller yourself, it is better to purchase a Linux reseller hosting plan and use cPanel to manage all your client’s accounts. 

If you are serious about this business idea, we recommend you do additional research. 

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