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Schooling is sweet and examination Isn’t but why examination?

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Schooling is sweet and examination doesn’t but why examination?.…,You always hear that examination is not the best test of a student’s ability. To some extent it may be so. But, indeed examination is a necessary evil you must face at one time or the other. We do not find the experience of examination enjoyable because it is the time we have to work hard. You will only pass examinations if you adopt the right methods and techniques for dealing with examinations. If you adopt the wrong method, the reverse will be the case.

Schooling is sweet and examination Isn’t but why examination?

The following are the reasons why we write examinations.

  1. To assess whether or not what we have learnt is properly learnt.
  2. To act as feedback to the student and the teacher.
  3. To show who is more qualified in terms of competition and certification, the best gets the best certificate.
  4. To prepare students for future career and vocation.
  5. To prepare students for stress and tense conditions which are very common inlife.
  6. To act as a guide to you to work.

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