Other Source of Income for Taxi Driver in Nigeria

Following the ban of many mean of transportation like Tricycle (Okada) and Motorcycle (Keke) ban in some state in Nigeria, it is obvious that most of the riders would be devastated owing to the fact that their only source of living has been taken away from them.

Even though the government has promised to do something about it, people may still need to look for other sources of income before anything is done.

So in order not to be idle or get depressed, it wouldn’t be out of place to suggest other sources of income for Taxi Driver in Nigeria because it is obvious that for this situation to come up now, even if it is being resolved later, there’s every possibility it might happen again in the future.

How to Make More Income as a Taxi Driver In Nigeria

Here’s a list of other source of income for taxi driver in Nigeria you can engage in:

  1. Uber/Taxify driver
  2. Electrician/Mechanics
  3. Selling of second-hand wares
  4. Bricklayer
  5. Barbing
  6. Bus/Cab  driver
  7. Car washer
  8. Betting agent
  9. Sports viewing center
  10. Phone accessories business

Uber/Taxify Driver

Even though most of the taxi, keke/Okada drivers may be uneducated, there are still some educated ones amongst you who would know how to use the application and uber/taxify driving will be a very good job for you.

All you need to do is find someone who would love to use his car for uber/taxify and become a driver while you share the money with the car owner, or better still, you can check out companies that lease cars for hire purchase.

Requirements for Uber/Taxify drivers

  • Have a valid driving license for Nigeria
  • Complete a Safety Screening
  • Watch a short training video
  • You have to be a minimum of 21 years of age

You can find other requirements and every other thing you need to know on Uber Website.

The good thing about this job is that you make good money from it and may be able to pay in 6months if you got the car on hire purchase depending on how hard you work.

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Most of you taxi driver have some of these talents or may have learned any of them but may not want to do it because you feel your Keke/Okada is giving you what you want.

So now you need to think of going back to it. Most car owners repair their cars every day and even pump tires so maybe you need to think about going into this business to make a living.

Selling Of Second Hand Wares 

The three basic needs of man are food, shelter, and clothes, and anyone who ventures into any of these businesses would definitely excel because demand will surely outweigh supply.

The ever affordable second-hand wares popularly known as “Okrika” is a good source of income for taxi driver in Nigeria in order to earn a living. Most people rush to buy clothes because of its quality and affordability.


Bricklayers and related workers are people who lay stone, brick and similar building blocks to construct or repair walls, partitions, and other structures.

An average man lays a maximum of 600 blocks a day and this is something that you can be paid for daily. For the very vibrant young men who have skills in this, it won’t be a bad idea to look for where people are building and join them.

Barber/Hair Stylist

Barbing is one of the easiest vocations to learn for those who may be interested but do not have the skill. It is something that can be learned within a month or two depending on how fast you are.

This type of vocations does not necessarily need you to have so much money to start. You can start by going to people’s houses to offer the services and when you have gathered enough then you can set up your own space, or you can also turn your house to your office.

People make/cut their hair regularly so this is something you will not regret starting up. It all depends on how well you do yours.

Bus/Cab Driver

Since you already have experience in driving, you can as well become a school bus driver, charter bus driver or commercial bus driver.

If you can sell your Keke/Okada  and buy a shuttle popularly called “Koropke” or buy a bus or even a small car for second hand with your savings then you will be on the safer side.

Car Washer

Most of these car washers are making a lot of money these days especially for those who do not wait for people to come to them for the services.

If you can’t start up with the little money you’ve saved over time, you can go to hotels and liaise with security guard or hotel owners for them to allow you wash cars in the hotels, or if you have an open space along the road or you know someone who does, then this opportunity is for you.

You don’t need money to start up this type of business, just hit the areas you know people will see you and you’ve got yourself another job.

Better still, you can fix yourself up with one of the car wash around you and start working for them while they pay you till you are able to make up the money to start your own.

Betting Agent

You can become an agent in the betting industry with sports betting and virtual games.

If you can rent a shop with your savings, or you have an open space around you where you can construct a container, then you are good to go.

All you need to do is take a survey of all the existing betting companies around the location where you want to start your own betting business so that you will be able to make a choice of the sports betting company you will register or sign up with.

Sports Viewing Centre

Most young men/women love football so much that even when they have a television in their house, they may still want to go to a viewing center to watch match.

If you can get a good location for this, then you will see how lucrative the business is. Plus you can also sell snacks and drinks because people who are watching match may be interested in all that.

Phone Accessories Business

In our present era, anyone who does not have a phone is like someone who does not exist on earth. Even very young children now have phones, and as such phones can get faulty at any time which is the prayer of most phone repairers.

So if you can go into repair or maintenance of phone and selling of phone accessories like earpiece, charger, pouch, screen guard and others you will definitely make some good cash out of it.

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