How to Apply for African Youth Business Council 2023

 African Youth Business Council seeks to leverage the entrepreneurial ingenuity of Africa’s youth to drive cross- border trade in goods and services and make youth crucial contributors to the continent’s socioeconomic transformation.

Among others, the AfYBC will push for the removal of major inhibitors to youth entrepreneurs’ participation in the AfCFTA process, such as access to financing, capacity building and awareness, and free movement of persons, goods, services and skills. By fostering youth inclusion, the AfYBC will usher in increased productivity, reduced poverty and inequalities, crucial for the realization of a peaceful and prosperous Africa, as enshrined in Agenda 2063. Specific Objectives

Aims African Youth Business Council

The Council aims to achieve the following;

To facilitate access to markets, export competitiveness and regional integration of youth-led trade in goods and services.

Be the continental voice of youth in private sector, promote youth led cross-border trade and enterprise

To promote business development services and institutional capacity building to Build capacity and ensure enhance participation of youth-led SMEs in the African and the globally economy.

To advocate for a youth friendly economic policy environment that facilitates legislation, and strategies that facilitate AfCFTA promises.

The growth of African youth business interests.

Convene the annual Youth in Business Council Summit! and an Africa Innovation Marketplace (AIM), a knowledge incubator and innovation accelerator. Platform for networking, cooperation, learning and exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer. To promote access to innovative investment financing Resource mobilization for youth-led SMEs led-businesses and start up entrepreneurs. For investment financing, growth and access to markets.

The interim structure will steer the affairs of the Council for a period of two years from its conceptual stage through the conduct of elections for the first General Assembly of the Council and bureau of regional representatives. Accordingly, the Ten (10) regional representatives shall nominate from among themselves, one person to serve as interim president and another to serve as interim vice president while ensuring gender balance. They will also appoint an interim ES from among themselves. At the end of the interim period, the election of the Bureau of Representatives shall be referred to the General Assembly.

How to Apply for African Youth Business Council 2023

This call is for African Young entrepreneurs, business owners and leader to participate in the nomination of the inaugural patron of the AfYBC.

In accordance with the interim Leadership Structure of the Afrikan Youth Business Council (AfYBC), the Interim Bureau of Representatives shall comprise of Ten (10) Under40 (Male and Female) African entrepreneurs/business owners representing the five (5) regions of Africa – West, East, Central, North and Southern regions. There shall be two (2) representatives from each of the regions (Male and Female).

How to Apply? The Afrikan Youth Business Council is currently receiving self and third party nominations for the Interim Bureau of Representatives.

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