Spiritual Meaning of Tangerine Dreams

The spiritual meaning of tangerine dreams are sometimes speculative and sometimes influenced by established interpretations which are sourced from spiritual understandings or psychological analysis of the dreams. Tangerine is a type of citrus fruit that is orange in color. The name was first used for fruit coming from Tangier, Morocco, described as a mandarin variety.

They are smaller and less rounded than the oranges. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange.

When you dream about tangerines, it is usually considered a sign of good luck and good fortune. This is because the tangerine is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. If you are having financial troubles, dreaming about tangerines can be an indication that your fortunes are about to change for the better.

Also, tangerines are often the symbol of success, as we have said, and the meaning of such dreams can vary – you can be collecting the fruits of your labels, or you may be surprised by someone’s success. It may be that someone in your surroundings can achieve enviable results in the work he or she is engaged in.

Spiritual Meaning of Tangerine Dreams

There are several ways by which you can interpret the sight of tangerine both in dreams and in visions. The following explanations are some of the very authentic few:


This dream signifies success, both in business and in other areas of life. The reflection of your aspirations and effort is best seen in a tangerine tree, as it bears fruits (of your labor). This dream is an indication that the time has come for you to reap the fruits of your labor, of your hard work, and now success comes to you.


If you have seen, on the contrary, a tangerine tree that has no fruits on it, then it has a meaning of a loss. Most probably the loss of faith. This dried-up tree is the symbol of lost faith. You are losing faith in all that you have believed so firmly. Some of your ideals are crumbling, and things are not what you thought they were.

Seeing Tangerine Tree in Dreams

To see a tangerine tree in your dream signifies that a person will ask your advice about an issue. If you pluck tangerine in your dream, this dream tells you that you will get your opinion from a person in near future.

To see tangerine singly in your dream forewarns you that you will feel distrust against a person.  If you see more than one tangerine in your dream, this means that this lack of confidence will come to nothing.

Peeling and Cutting Tangerine in Dream

Peeling the tangerine in your dream may represent that a person whom you don’t expect will come to you as a guest.

To see of cutting tangerine into slices in your dream refers to goodness but if you cut it into slices and throw it into the plate or rubbish bin, it means that miserableness will come.

Buying, Selling, and Serving Tangerine

Serving tangerine in the plate to somebody in your dream may represent that your family will be divided into two parts. To dream that you buy tangerine from supermarket or bazaar symbolizes that you will hear baby news.

Selling tangerine in your dream may signify that you will hear baby news from your close relative or friend.

Shells of Tangerine in Dreams

Smelling the shells of tangerine in your dream signifies that your commodities will be renewed. If you try to eat the shells of it in your dream, your dresses will be renewed. If you see that you put the shells on the heater, it is telling you that there will be a change in your job or school.

To dream that you dry the shells of tangerine denotes that you will meet a reliable and honest person.

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