Successful Microbiologist in Nigeria and More to Know

A successful microbiologist is person who has successfully study microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, these are organisms which are too small for us to see with our naked eyes hence microbiologists use microscopes to see them.

successful microbiologist in Nigeria are responsible for the creation of vaccines to fight illnesses, they also study organisms that are responsible for the metabolism of crude or petroleum products. The also ensure that raw materials are sterilized before being used.

Microbiology is no doubt one of  the most lucrative of professions in  Nigeria today. The importance of Microbiology has significantly increased in recent worlds and so does the demand for microbiologists. Experts in this field easily blend into different sectors and the dynamism of the profession has opened more opportunities for those in the field in Nigeria today. Here, we would discuss the successful microbiologist in Nigeria and how to become microbiologist in Nigeria.

Successful Microbiologist in Nigeria

One of the most successful microbiologist in Nigeria is  Iyiola Oladunjoye, he is a passionate microbiologist and an advocate of One Health. He recently attended the 43rd Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM) where he presented a paper on Advancing Careers in Microbiology through Strategic Mentorship in Nigeria.

As a successful microbiologist in Nigeria, Iyiola Oladunjoye serve an honorary position as the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Young Ambassador of Science to Nigeria and was also recently appointed as a member of the Young Leaders Circle, an advisory board group on youth and society. He choose to study microbiology at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honours in 2018 and his research in recent years has recalibrate microbiology curriculum for graduate employability in Nigeria.

How to become a microbiologist in Nigeria? If you are looking to pursue a career in Microbiology, here are the core processes you are expected to follow to become a professional.

  • Be Certified: It is vital you get an essential certificate if you want to become a microbiologist in Nigeria. You are required to have the obligatory SSCE certificate with at least a credit pass in the major science course including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You then strive to be admitted in a University or Polytechnic to study Microbiology by writing the required UTME examination and getting the required cut-off mark. Typically, the duration for the course is 4 – 5 years depending on the institution. You will get a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.
  • National Youth Service Corps: NYSC is a one-year service year where you are expected to serve your motherland. Ideally, you will be posted to a related firm or schools in the area you are posted to.

In most industries, microbiologists operate within the Quality Assurance and Control department where they perform several quality assurance tests on products. Industries like oil and gas and various FMCGs utilize microbiologists to test assurance of their products. Pharmacological companies, medical centres, and other medical-related stores also welcome the input of biochemists.

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