These Are The 10 Tips To Help You Avoid Holiday Stress

Tips to help you avoid holiday stress are easy to follow; all you need to do when on holiday is  to take a nap, go for a short walk, read a book or watch a funny movie. Laughing relaxes the whole body, and can relieve physical tension and stress. Holidays are meant to be a fun, enjoyable time with friends and family. These are the 10 tips to help you avoid holiday stress and ensure you truly enjoy your holidays when stress starts to set in;

10 Tips To Help You Avoid Holiday Stress

The holidays can bring joy, but it’s not uncommon to experience stress, depression and anxiety as well. The demands of the season  shopping and running errands while battling crowds, back-to-back holiday parties and social obligations, houseguests and relatives  are all potential stressors. Alongside this, feelings of loneliness and isolation are also common around the holidays. Seasonal affective disorder increases the likelihood of negative thoughts and, perhaps most significant, your emotional health concerns don’t disappear just because it’s the holidays. These are the 10 tips to help you avoid holiday stress:

  • Make small adjustments

The holiday season can seem full of big changes, so focus on little things that can help you relax. For example, take some time away from your mobile phone; disconnecting can provide some much-needed separation from the demands of people in your life, your calendar and your to-do list.

  • Make a budget

Figure out how much you want to spend this season and stick with it. Be sure to include shipping costs, decorations, food, cards, postage, travel, and miscellaneous expenses as well as the gifts. Write down what you purchase to keep track accurately.

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  • Think quality not quantity

Don’t exhaust yourself or your family going from to event to event. Holiday rituals are not set in stone and skipping something one year isn’t going to ruin the season. Be choosy with the way you spend time and you will be a lot happier.

  • Keep your healthy habits

Maintaining healthy habits during the holiday season will be one of your best defenses against stress. This means getting enough sleep, eating well  even at holiday parties and staying physically active.

It also means maintaining what you can of your daily routine, like workouts, book club or personal self-care time. Fit holiday obligations into your everyday routine rather than letting them upset your life.

  • Be realistic

The holiday season can be long and full of commitments, from parties to PTA meetings. To help manage stress, make a list of what you expect from yourself, what others expect from you and your responsibilities for the holidays. You may want to place them on a calendar to get a feel for what the coming months will look like. Get comfortable with the idea that you don’t have to do everything and everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

  • Do less

The spirit of the season can sometimes lead even the most pragmatic people to overcommit their time. When you’re looking at your calendar or to-do list, be fair to yourself. Decide what’s most important to you, or where you most want to go, and allow yourself to say no to other demands on your time.

This goes for traditions as well. It’s perfectly acceptable for your traditions to change over time and to create new traditions to fit the evolving lifestyle of you, your family and friends. If a ritual causes disproportionate stress, consider forming a new one.

  • Give experiences

Give your loved ones a choice: the family can go a vacation (or a fun outing) or they can receive presents. Often, the outing will be more enjoyable and cost effective than a new toy or gadget.

  • Lower expectations

Rather than striving for the perfect holiday moments, enjoy the time you have despite irritations and inconveniences that pop up. Celebrating in a way that’s unique to your family will give you more satisfaction than worrying how things “should be”.

  • Take a breather

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush but take a little time for yourself. Whether it’s a few minutes of deep breathing, hitting the gym or calling a friend, a little me-time helps rejuvenate you.

While a day or two of indulging isn’t likely to set you back, back-to-back parties and get-togethers can lead to unwanted weight gain. Ask yourself if you really want this treat or food and if it is worth the calories.

  • Celebrate the spirit of the holiday

Take a little time to connect with the deeper meaning of the holiday. Express gratitude, attend a service, or help the needy during this season.

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