Download UI DLC Final Exams Timetable, First Semester 2021.

In view of the commencement of the 2020/2021 First Semester Examinations on Monday, 16 August, 2021, download UI DLC Final Exams Timetable for First Semester.

UI DLC Final Exams Timetable

The UI DLC Final Exams Timetable for the ongoing session 2021 has been officially released and the information is compiled in word document below.   

In respect to the above announcement, students are advised to always  check their  UIDLC dedicated email address for updates and also ensure cases of examination clash are  reported at the Learner Support unit physically at least twelve hours before the said examinations.

Examinations Timetable for Ibadan Center.

Stream or download UI DLC Ibadan center examination timetable  below; 

Examinations Timetable for Lagos Center.

Stream or download UI DLC Lagos center examination timetable  below;

Please take  note of  the following important information:

 Closure of Payment and Registration Portal

You are hereby notified that the Payment and Registration Portal will be closed by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, 12 August, 2021.

From the foregoing, be reminded that “Add and Delete” can be done ONLY during the period of registration. You are strongly advised to sort out all your registration issues before the closure of the portal.

Once course registration is finally locked, learners would not be able to “Add and Delete” courses again. However, a period would be dedicated for “Add and Delete” during the second semester.

This would be duly communicated. Note that “Add and Delete” would not be entertained ESPECIALLY once examinations have commenced.

Endeavour to revert to the registration guideline which is attached to this mail and be sure to cross check your registration within the set period.

  Suspension of Study

Suspension of Study is applicable only to Returning Learners after a payment of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000) only which should be made strictly through the Student Portal.

Learners who suspend their studies are required to submit the proof of payment to the UIDLC Programmes and Academic unit for an official Suspension of Studies Letter to be issued. Statutorily, learners have an opportunity to suspend their studies for Three Academic Sessions ONLY during their course of study on the UIDLC platform.

  Deferment of Admission

The option of Deferment of Admission is open to fresh learners who for one reason or the other cannot proceed on the programme during this session.

However, such prospective learners are required to pay the non-refundable Acceptance Fee of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) only before the Closure of the Payment Portal, thereafter, such candidates can apply for deferment of Admission which lapses after one Academic Session.

An official letter should be written to the Deputy Registrar, University of Ibadan Distance Learning Centre in this regard for further administrative processes.

  Continuous Assessment

Learners are to note that Essay-Based Continuous Assessment Tests would be deployed before the Examination to concerned learners. However, Computer-Based Tests would be conducted on the day of examinations concurrently.

  Examination Permit Card

Examination Permit Card is available to be printed from your portal. The pass is going to be used to admit learners into the examination halls while awaiting the production of ID Cards.

All learners are to ensure that they print the Examination Permit Card before Examinations commence. It is a grievious case of Gross Misconduct to be found to have falsified the Examination Permit Card. Your are strongly advised to desist from such an act.

  Lagos Examination

Learners who are willing to write their Examinations in the Lagos Centre are to be reminded that this comes with a payment of Five Thousand naira (N5,000.00) only.

Make the payment through your portal on or before 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, 12 August, 2021 so your details can be captured before the examinations commence.

  Batching of CBT Examinations

Learners who are scheduled to write Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Examinations are to make sure they check their emails for batching of these examinations.

The Batching schedule would be deployed via UIDLC Dedicated Email account at least twelve hours before respective examinations.

Learners who appear to write examinations anytime order than their scheduled batch(es) would be found culpable of examination misconduct.

  Dressing and Comportment

Learners are strongly warned to eschew all forms of indecent dressing and outlook as they come to the examination venues. Culpable learners would be denied access to the examination halls and/or charged for Gross Misconduct.

Be advised that due regards should be given to Examination Officials and decorum should be displayed by learners before, during and after the examinations.


According to the University of Ibadan extant rule, learners are expected to arrive the Examination venue at least thirty minutes before the examination commences.

Any learners who appears for any examination after thirty minutes of its commencement would not be allowed to write such examination.

Personal Effects

Learners are to note that the safe keeping of personal effects like bags, phones, laptops, money and so on is the responsibility of owners. Valuable items kept at any spot within the UIDLC premises are kept at the owners’ risk.

Whilst the Centre will provide overarching security, as much as possible, learners are advised to keep valuable possessions away from the examination venues.

COVID19 Precautions

All precautionary measures towards the prevention of COVID19 will be strictly adhered to during the examinations. Note that learners would not be admitted into the examination halls without the use of nose masks.

We wish you success in the forthcoming examinations. Incase you have any question, you can ask through the email box below.

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