How to Download UI DLC Interactive Timetable 2022

UI DLC Interactive Timetable for 2022/2023  Academic Session is Out. Here’s how to check and download your copy.

In line with one of the mandatory criteria of the NUC, organising Interactive Sessions affords Learners the opportunity of having physical interactions with Course Facilitators for six weeks in a semester, a Blended Study Approach which is expected to be adopted by every Distance Learning Centre in the country.

UI has two modes of studies:

  1. the traditional face-to-face (F2F) mode, and
  2. the hybrid Distance Learning mode.

The UI-Distance Learning mode is an initiative of the university that sprouted in response to the need to give qualified populace, who deemed a university degree necessary for varying reasons like access to university education, qualification for employment, career elevation, and self-actualisation. It has transitioned over a 50 year innovative enterprise from the Centre for External Studies.

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How to Download UI DLC Interactive Timetable

To download  the UI DLC Interactive Timetable, browse the PDF file below:

Important Information

1. No Learner would be allowed to attend the Interactive Sessions without being duly registered for the course(s) in question.

2. Interactive sessions will hold ALL through the week.

3. The venue for the Interactive Session is the UIDLC CBT CENTRE, ALONG AJIBODE/SASA ROAD, IBADAN. Venues within the UIDLC CBT Centre are subject to change. You will be duly updated of these changes.

4. Learners are to be at the Interactive Session venues at least 10 minutes before the commencement of classes.

5. The Interactive Session will be done both online and physically. Academic Facilitators will determine which mode to adopt. Note that the online engagement will be data sponsored. You will be duly instructed in this regard.

It is hoped that you will leverage on this window of academic opportunity, which promises to be very impactful.

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