Easy Way to Get Rid of Stains Clothes and Shoes.

 There are lots of different method to clean our clothes and shoes, the cheapest method is regular washing and cleaning with soap.

Way to Get Rid of Stains Clothes and Shoes

But how do you keep them looking good and lasting a bit longer? With just a few supplies and some easy steps, you can clean every type of clothe shoe stains.

The easiest way to get rid of stains clothes and shoes is to apply isopropyl alcohol to the stain and blot with a clean napkin or cloth, according to professional house keepers. See other tips below.

Easy Way to Get Rid of Stains Clothes and Shoes.

Here are the correct ways to clean clothes and shoes made of all types of materials.

1. Rubbing Alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is apparently a cheap and easy way to banish pen stains from your clothing.

You’re probably not equipped with rubbing alcohol at all times, so locating a first aid kit is your best bet in this situation.

If you’re in a public place like a restaurant, bar, school, or shopping mall, there’s definitely one nearby.

2. Use Lemon and Hot Water.

The use of lemon and warm water is the easiest way to get rid of stains clothes and shoes.  What you can do, however, is rub lemon juice on the stain and then hold your clothe and shoes over a bowl with hot water. The combination of steam from the hot water and lemon juice will slowly dissolve the stain.

3. Use Lemon and Salt.

Don’t panic, a lemon and a bit of salt is also one the easy way to get rid of stains clothes and shoes.

Squeeze the juice half of a lemon over the stain, throw some salt on top, and let it sit for a while.

Next, it’s time to rinse out the clothes.

You can do this in the sink or in a bucket and then put it in the washing machine.

Once the washing machine is done there’s a big chance you won’t even be able to see where it was! Pay attention: this tip works best on light colored or white material.

For colored clothes or leather shoes you should try one of the following tips.

4. Use Cream of Tartar.

Cream of tartar is often used for baking. But did you know that it’s also good for cleaning? Combine it with the right ingredients and in no time you’ve got a homemade cleanser.

Make a paste using a teaspoon of cream of tartar, a teaspoon of baking soda, and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Test it out on a small area of the clothing first because this cleaner can also lead to stains.

If that doesn’t seem to be the case, spread it out on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse it out thoroughly. Let the clothing dry and repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

5. Use Vinegar.

If you don’t have any lemons at home but you do have vinegar, this can also work wonders for rust stains on light colored clothes and shoes.

Mix a bit of salt and a few tablespoons of vinegar and put the mixture on the stain. Scrub it well with an old toothbrush and let it sit for half an hour.

Put the clothing or shoes in the washing machine afterwards. This trick also works best for lightly colored clothing and shoes.

6. Use Sour Milk.

Have a rust stain on your colored clothes or shoes? Sour milk is about to be your best friend. The bacteria in sour milk can break up rust stains.

Fill a bucket or tub with sour milk and let your clothes or shoes soak in it. Keep it in overnight, rinse it out and then put it through the wash.

Once you take your clothes or shoe out of the washing machine, the stain will more than likely be completely gone.

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