Wells Fargo Routing Number for Each State in USA

Wells Fargo is one of the largest and most prominent banks in the United States, it serves millions of customers across the nation. To facilitate seamless financial transactions, every account holder requires a unique routing number. Understanding the Wells Fargo routing number for your state is crucial for various transactions, including direct deposits, wire transfers, and electronic payments.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the importance of routing numbers, how they work, and provide a detailed list of Wells Fargo routing numbers for each state in the USA.

Understanding Routing Numbers:

Routing numbers, also known as ABA (American Bankers Association) numbers or transit numbers, play a pivotal role in identifying the financial institution behind a transaction. Think of them as unique identifiers for banks, allowing for the smooth and secure transfer of funds between accounts. The nine-digit routing number is essential for various transactions, such as setting up direct deposits, initiating wire transfers, and processing electronic payments.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Structure:

Wells Fargo’s routing numbers follow a consistent structure, making it easier for customers to identify their respective numbers. The first two digits of the routing number represent the Federal Reserve Processing District, the next two digits signify the bank’s ABA institution identifier, and the final five digits uniquely identify each specific Wells Fargo branch.

For instance, if a routing number is 123456789, “12” represents the Federal Reserve Processing District, “34” signifies the ABA institution identifier for Wells Fargo, and the remaining “56789” uniquely identifies the branch.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State:

Below is a comprehensive list of Wells Fargo routing numbers for each state in the USA. It’s important to note that routing numbers may vary for different account types (e.g., checking, savings, or business accounts). Always double-check with your local branch or refer to your checkbook for the most accurate information.

Alabama – 062000080 Alaska – 125200057 Arizona – 122105278 Arkansas – 111900659 California – 121042882 Colorado – 102000076 Connecticut – 021101108 Delaware – 031100869 Florida – 063107513 Georgia – 061000227 Hawaii – 121042882 Idaho – 124103799 Illinois – 071101307 Indiana – 074900275 Iowa – 073000228 Kansas – 101089292 Kentucky – 121042882 Louisiana – 121042882 Maine – 121042882 Maryland – 055003201 Massachusetts – 121042882 Michigan – 091101455 Minnesota – 091000019 Mississippi – 062203751 Missouri – 121042882 Montana – 092905278 Nebraska – 104000058 Nevada – 321270742 New Hampshire – 121042882 New Jersey – 021200025 New Mexico – 107002192 New York – 026012881 North Carolina – 053000219 North Dakota – 091300010 Ohio – 041215537 Oklahoma – 121042882 Oregon – 123006800 Pennsylvania – 031000503 Rhode Island – 121042882 South Carolina – 053207766 South Dakota – 091400046 Tennessee – 064003768 Texas – 111900659 Utah – 124002971 Vermont – 121042882 Virginia – 051400549 Washington – 125008547 West Virginia – 121042882 Wisconsin – 075911988 Wyoming – 102301092


Navigating the world of banking can be complex, but having a clear understanding of your Wells Fargo routing number is essential for conducting various financial transactions seamlessly. This comprehensive guide provides a state-by-state breakdown of Wells Fargo routing numbers, ensuring that you can confidently manage your finances, whether you’re in Alabama or Wyoming. Always verify the routing number with your local branch or checkbook to guarantee accuracy and avoid any potential issues with your transactions.

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