What is the Spiritual Meaning of Blue

Relevant to the understanding of the concept of blue is the question, what is the spiritual meaning of blue? Literally, blue is the color of the sky, which simply is regarded as heaven. This easily comes to the mind of men whenever they hear or make mention of the color.

More deeply, blue is the color of spirituality, intuition, inspiration and inner peace. It is also associated with sadness and depression. In healing, blue is used for cooling and calming, both physically and mentally. In the aura blue indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development. There are therefore various interpretations attached to the meaning of the color, blue.

Spiritual Meaning of Blue

What is the spiritual meaning of blue is not a mystery, because it is as common as cold. Below is the highlight of the several spiritual meaning of blue that you may be interested in knowing:

Mental Health

Blue and its diverse shade range symbolize inner peace and clarity, among many other meanings. Blue’s ability to calm the mind has led the color to be associated with spirituality and improving one’s mental health.

Loved worldwide, blue connects us to nature and evokes emotions of freedom and infinite possibility because of its connotation with the sky and sea.

Therapy and Healing

Blue light therapy is an incredible technology that harnesses the power of blue LED lights to speed up wound healing! Not only that, when used in place of regular colored lightbulbs, rooms lit with blue light have been shown to accelerate post-stress relaxation.

Though the benefits of using blue light far outweigh the negatives, blue light emitted from electronics like phones and computers has been shown to cause eye strain after extended periods

Excellent Communicators and Thinkers

An aura is a field of energy emitted from every living thing and is believed to provide insights into people’s personalities and inner struggles. People with blue auras are thought to be excellent romantic partners and are natural leaders because of their ability to be calm, honest, and communicate effectively, often using their voices to advocate for others.

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Some challenges people with blue auras might face include being too assertive or aggressive in their outward expressions, like communicating with others. To combat this, people with blue auras should give others the time they need to express themselves before interrupting them with their own thoughts and opinions.

Word of God

In Exodus, the ground beneath God’s feet on Mount Sinai was described as being as brilliant as the sky. Blue’s association with purity and divine wisdom is further supported by the Virgin Mary, who is depicted in many paintings to be wearing blue as a sign of her connection with God.

Self-expression and Balance

The throat chakra is one of 7 energy centers or chakras in the body and is responsible for your ability to communicate freely and authentically. Your throat chakra might be blocked if you struggle with self-expression, have anxious thoughts, or have difficulty saying what you really mean.

Infinite or Divine

Like other religious faiths, blue is used in Hinduism to symbolize the infinite power of the divine. One theory behind the blueness of Hindu Gods like Vishnu is that their skin tone is meant to mimic the color of the cosmos and reflect their infinite power

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