Why We Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day?

Due to the growing consciousness of civilization and the many revolutionary impacts of modern women, discussing why we celebrate international women in Engineering Day is to further expand the scope of understanding about the place of this very unique gender in the scheme of professionalism.

The purpose of this content is to expose the quickly fading clout that is being vainly chased by those who seem to be indirectly providing credence to the bulk of our arguments about why we celebrate international women in Engineering Day.

The Engineer’s Day is observed in several countries on various dates of the year. On 25 November 2019, based on a proposal by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, UNESCO has proclaimed March 4 as ‘UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development’.

It is true that the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) proposed 4th March as World Engineering Day, as an opportunity to celebrate the important contributions of engineers and engineering to sustainable development and modern life.

Organizations and offices of the United Nations, governments, civil society, the public and private sectors, schools, universities, and society, are expected to make the international day a springboard for awareness-raising actions.

Purpose of the Celebration

The celebration of World Engineering Day is also about promoting engineering as a career and how it is an opportunity to change the world for better. There is a great deal to be done especially to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in countries where support is most needed and to ensure that everyone has access to clean water, sanitation, reliable energy, and other basic human needs.

In all countries, there is also a great deal to be done – to deal with the impacts of climate change, environmental issues, our growing cities and the challenges of new technologies including artificial intelligence.

There are many opportunities and the day can be used to engage with young people with the conditions that if they want to change the world for the better, then they have to become an engineer.

Why Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day?

The right answer to the question of why we celebrate international women in Engineering Day is simple and that is following the fact that women have faced several gender discrimination such as the weaker-vessel labelling amidst others, and coupled with attestation to the contrasting responses which are stemmed in evidential references, we are sure to prove the good reason!

  • Gender Promotion and Expansion of the Engineering Workforce

The day is not only a celebration of women, but it also serves as an opportunity for education. Campaigns around the globe spotlight the need for more women in the engineering workforce.

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Not only does it encourage women to enter engineering fields, but it spotlights the need for a diverse workforce. The day also celebrates the women engineers in the workforce. As role models, they are distinctly qualified to encourage more women to join the field.

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