How to Activate Your Debit Card for Online Transactions

There are different methods you can leverage  to activate your Debit card for online transactions. Should in case you do not have a breakthrough using any of the following methods, which we doubt, you can kindly walk into any of your bank’s branches near you.

The advantages of having a card that supports online transactions are numerous. While some cards come activated from the Bank, others do not. In fact, you might have tried and discovered that it won’t just work. If that is the case, here are a few steps to activate your ATM.

How to Activate Your Debit Card for Online Transactions

All you need to activate your Debit card for online transactions is to login to the respective bank’s internet banking portal. Once you log in, go to the section marked as ‘Debit Card’. There will be instructions on how to generate an ATM PIN for your Debit Card. Generate an ATM PIN by following those instructions and your Debit Card will be activated online.

Using the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) to Activate Your Debit Card

  • Walk up to any of your bank’s Automatic Teller Machines near you. Insert your card into the machine.
  • Enter the default pin they gave to you when you collected the ATM.
  • After this, they will ask you to enter your preferred PIN. Enter your PIN of choice and then submit.
  • Immediately after this process, your bank should automatically activate your card

Using Bank Customer Care to Activate Your Debit Card

Most financial institutions in Nigeria have a toll-free number for you to access their support service. To activate your ATM card for online transactions, you can reach out to your bank using the toll-free number. Provide them with all the information they request from you, and in no time, all things being equal, they should activate your card.

Using Internet Banking/Mobile App to Activate Your Debit Card

Banking is easier nowadays. Gone are those days when you have to stay in an endless queue to file a complaint to the customer care service.

In this age and time, you can virtually solve all problems from the comfort of your home using the Internet banking platform or mobile App.

To activate your card for online transactions, log in to your account. Most financial institutions provide a link to this effect. Look out for this link. Click the link and provide all the necessary information that is required of you.

If you follow all the guidelines correctly, you should be able to use your ATM or debit card to carry out online transactions almost immediately

Using Quickteller to Activate Your Debit Card

To activate your ATM for online transactions using Quickteller, kindly follow the simple steps below:

  1. Find an ATM near you. Preferably, that of your Bank.
  2. Insert your ATM into the machine.
  3. Select the Quickteller option.
  4. Choose the type of Account you are using.
  5. Next up, select the pay bills option
  6. Select “other’”
  7. Enter 322222 as your payment code.
  8. After this, input your mobile number as the customer’s reference code.
  9. They will notify you of the applicable charges for the operation.
  10. Accept the displayed amount
  11. Follow the displayed prompt after this to complete the transaction.

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