Advantages of Schooling in the City

The many advantages of schooling in the city are numerous. The city is a place that is comparatively considered to be more exposed and civilized. Apart from the very benefits that education gives, but studying in the city is more of an added value and tool of exposure to those who enjoy it.

Urban areas, which are cities, are the meeting point of politics, culture, capital, technology, ideas, and people. Cities are hubs through which everything passes, abstract or concrete. No matter what we choose to study, from biology to politics to poetry to business, we can study it in an urban setting.

But cities are diverse not just because cultures, for instance, meet other cultures, but because they meet politics, which meets people, which meets business, which meets art, which meets architecture, etc. The city is a wonderful, confounding flurry of activity that calls for the mind to be just as active.

Going to school in such an environment can only help you engage with your studies and get the most out of them, not just in terms of grades but in terms of learning and growing as a person.

In the city you will find yourself challenged by new cultural, political, scientific, economic, business, technological, creative, and moral, ideas. It will likely be frightening at times, but it will also force you to reconsider your position on a number of topics.

Reconsidering and reflecting upon what we think to be solidified knowledge and norms is one of the best skills education can give us. It is also one of the best ways to stay successful in business and in life. Studying and living in the city allows us this opportunity.

Below are some advantages of schooling in the city:

  • Adventure of Living in a Big City

Ultimately, living in a big city is an adventure, especially if you haven’t had the experience before. With the hustle and bustle and increased opportunities, entertainment, culture and diversity, there are always new people to meet and new things to do. Big cities are eventful, energetic and exciting.

If you prefer the adventure of big city life over a more classic college experience, then you’ll love attending an urban college or university.

  • Diversity

Diversity is another advantage of living in a big city and attending an urban college. The student body is more likely to be diverse, and so are the people who live nearby.

Your classmates will come from all over the country and even the world. They’ll speak many languages, have varied backgrounds and embody the melting pot culture of our nation. This creates a rich, inclusive learning environment that introduces you to new perspectives and worldviews.

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If you’re used to interacting with people who look and think like you, this exposure is important as you prepare to venture into the wider world. And if you’re worried that the other students won’t be anything like you or that you won’t fit in, you’re more likely to find representation at a big school in a big city. You’ll meet people who remind you of home, as well as plenty of people who bring something new and different to your life.

  • Increased Access to Opportunities

Big cities typically mean big businesses. Going to school in a busy, thriving city gives you access to more internship and career opportunities. Not only will you have more opportunities, but you’ll likely have higher profile opportunities too.

In a big city, there are more people to meet and network with, which can also help you make valuable connections and jumpstart your future career. Plus, large and growing cities are home to innovation, creativity and new ideas, which generates a certain energy and excitement for ambitious and motivated young people.

Of course, opportunities exist everywhere. However, the frequency and diversity of these opportunities are greater in urban areas. Attending a big city college allows you to apply the knowledge you’re gaining in class to the context of real life.

  • More Entertainment

Life in the city naturally provides more entertainment than life in the suburbs or in a rural area. Depending on where you are, you’ll live closer to great restaurants, shopping centers, theme parks and a buzzing nightlife.

Big cities are also prime locations for festivals and concerts. If you value entertainment and having lots to do, you’ll enjoy attending an urban college. Exercise caution, however; this benefit can also prove to be a distraction from academics if you overdo it.

  • More Cultural Events

Similarly, urban areas feature more cultural events, programs and activities. These include museums, historic sites, national parks, sporting events and more. If you’re interested in history and the arts, big city life is for you.

Big cities are also more likely to hold a wide variety of cultural festivals and events that celebrate the diversity of the people who live there.

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