List of African Countries Colonized by Britain.

List of African Countries Colonized by Britain outlines the countries in Africa who had once been directly subservient to British rule as British colony. Great Britain was once colonial master to many African countries which today imbibe and practice the British culture, language, and other ways of life.

In the pre-colonial era, African empires were always at war with each other over land and rights until the British government took advantage of this and so expediently quell further confrontations but to replace it their own oppressive, exploitative and denigratory government of indirect rule. Without mincing words, the British were later understood to have extortionist orientations which to date still affect Africa.

It is important to note that the advent of British colonization of Africa coincided with the era of scientific racism as represented by social Darwinism (survival of the fittest). The British believed that because they had superior weaponry and were therefore more technologically advanced than the Africans, that they had a right to colonize and exploit the resources of the Africans in the name of promoting the British civilization.

Although not alone, the British along with others believed they brought true civilization which in truth is mere disruption of the Africa’s own process of civilization.

The British colonialization by its very nature has racist connotations. British colonialization in particular was structured as a dictatorship, using violence to pacify the colonial subjects and to maintain order. This they call CIVILIZATION.

List of African Countries Colonized by Britain.

Entering Africa around the 1800s, Britain had many colonies in Africa. They have in the West Africa, East Africa, and South Africa. Here are the African countries colonized by Britain:

  1. Gambia

  2. Ghana

  3. Nigeria

  4. Southern Cameroon

  5. Sierra Leone

  6. Kenya

  7. Uganda

  8. Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar)

  9. South Africa

  10. Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)

  11. Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

  12. Nyasaland (Malawi)

  13. Lesotho

  14. Botswana

  15. Swaziland

  16. Sudan

  17. Egypt

Though the British government once colonized Egypt. It was later that Egypt and British was jointly colonizing Sudan. The joint colonial administration of the Sudan by Egypt and Britain was popularly known as the condominium government.

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