Are Essay Writing Services Safe and Legit?

It’s happened to every student. An essay is giving you problems. Maybe the essay is too challenging, or perhaps you’re not familiar with the material you’re asked to write about. Or maybe something came up and you are running out of time to get it done. Whatever the cause, you see the essay deadline approaching like an oncoming train and don’t know how to get out of the way. When this happens, you might wonder what your options are and whether you could simply pay online writers for assistance so you can get your academic papers written for you. But then a little voice in your head asks: Are essay writing services safe and legit?

Why Writing Services Are Even Needed 

In this article, we’ll examine the legal and ethical ramifications of using an essay writing service to write your next paper to help you answer that question. But first, we should talk a bit about why students are having so many problems writing essays. 

One of the major reasons that students are having difficulty writing essays is that they are coming to college unprepared for the rigors of college writing. Part of the reason for that is that high schools have limited the amount of advanced academic writing that they teach in favor of teaching to the test thanks to the growing power and influence of standardized testing.

As a result, a majority of students must take either remedial or introductory college writing courses because their essay writing skills aren’t up to snuff. Another problem is that students are bombarded with more essays than ever before, in large measure because stricter accessibility and accountability requirements make it difficult for instructors to assign anything other than essays without massively increasing their own bureaucratic workloads.

When you combine record numbers of essays with a lack of confidence in essay writing skills, it’s no wonder that students are turning to a professional essay writing service like SmartWritingService to meet their academic writing needs and to help the escape the essay death spiral where one failure leads to a lack of confidence and even more failure.

But many students are still wary about seeking out this kind of help because they aren’t sure if essay writing services are safe and legitimate. 

Why Buying a Paper is Legal and Safe

The good news is that buying a paper is completely legal. It is entirely within the law to pay someone to write a paper for you—even a paper that follows the specific instructions that your professor provided in the essay assignment. That’s because free speech laws allow people to write whatever they like within the boundaries of the law, and essays are covered. You will not face criminal penalties for buying custom writing services from anyone.

The question, however, is whether buying writing services is ethical. The answer to that is not as straightforward, so let’s take a look at some of the questions that surround buying essays.

First, there are certainly legitimate and ethical ways to use custom written essays that you have purchased online. One of the most obvious ways is to use the essay as it was intended to be used, which is as a model for your own work. When you use a custom essay as a model, you can learn how expert writers with professional experience and advanced degrees would approach your topic, and this knowledge can help you to cut out the busywork involved in writing essays. As long as you follow instructions and cite your sources, including the essay, properly, you can use a custom-written model essay confidently, secure in the knowledge that you are not breaking any ethical rules.

Ethical Aspect: Gray Areas and Shiny Solutions

The ethics of buying papers stray into gray areas when you use a paper as a model or borrow from it without providing citations for the essay you used. Many students will avoid citing the essay they purchase so as not to tip off a professor that they received outside help on their papers. Depending on how much you borrow from the paper, this ethical gray area might have a bigger impact on your sense of honesty than the overall paper.

Under no circumstances, however, is it ethically permissible to turn in an essay you purchased as your own work. Using someone else’s work as your own is a violation of academic honesty policies and is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense. Whenever you use someone else’s work, you need to follow academic honesty guidelines, including those that specify how to correctly quote others and how much of your paper can be quoted material. 

Fighting Hypocrisy: Why Writing Essay is Not Always Needed

The truth about essay writing is that it is often a point of irritation both for students and professors. Students, obviously, would appreciate having a smaller writing load, and professors get tired of reading endless essays with the same topics, the same content, the same ideas.

Essays and other written papers are the predominant form of assessing the students’ level of education. It is an outdated approach — we all can agree on that. Still, students receive those assignments in bulk and have to deal with them facing challenging deadlines and a killing boredom, and professors need to read those essays, spending time on something (in many cases) unnecessary.

Addressing essay writing services is one of the ways to fight this hypocrisy — if no one  really cares how you write this or that essay, why should you spend so much time on it? Of course, buying a paper and sending it to your professor as your own, is a bad idea, but you can use those papers as examples and make your essay writing burden much easier at least for a time being. Your  professor cares about the legality, but they don’t care about which exact legal ways you use to come up with a well-written essay before the deadline.

In the End — You’re the One Responsible for Your Success

When students face academic writing challenges, there are often too few places to turn for help. Instructors are frequently overwhelmed by the number of students who need help and don’t have the time or the resources to help everyone. Writing centers are often overbooked and end up outsourcing their support to third-parties, sometimes in third world countries.

Private tutors can be cost-prohibitive, particularly for the most qualified writers with advanced degrees. As a result, students face a serious challenge when forced to pick among bad options.

When this is the case, choosing to order a custom essay from a reputable academic writing firm can be not just the best choice for ensuring you finish your paper on time but also the ethical choice for getting the help you need in a form that is tailored to your specific needs.

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