Bad Influence of Technology in Education

The advancements in technology has had influence on our everyday lives increasingly day by day. It has made lives easier and easier in every aspect of life. From education to sports, to every field in the world, updated and evolved information is available readily. No doubt that teaching and education has greatly benefited from technology.

In spite of all these progress in technology, It has brought both positive and negative effects on education. It is partially up to the user to differentiate between the good and bad influence of technology in education. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the bad influence of technology in education. 

Technology has capacity to change the your personality as well as it can destroy your life as well because most students do use the technology for the betterment of their personality, however they can get great benefits from the assignment writing, however, they do not get its whole benefit.

Bad Influence of Technology in Education

  • Technology can kill the creativity

Technological innovation can facilitate communication, but it can also negatively affect motivation, ideas, and problem-solving abilities, thus killing creativity and reducing the scope for creativity.

The bad influence of technology in education is that, complete dependency on technology can kill the creativity; however, most students do not use technology judiciously that is why they do not get best out of it.

  • Low social skills and increases in laziness

Because of the abundance of information available so easily online, another bad influence of technology in education is that  students can get lazy in thinking. When you have everything in your grasp within seconds, the will to actually research and learn can seem a boring task. This also increases laziness because when you know you can do your essay at the last minute by just looking it up online, you will not use your creativity to make your work different.

Technology also has the disadvantage of being highly addictive. This makes students want to stay isolated and work on their own instead of group studying and brainstorming together.

  • Waste time

students need to understand the importance of time however; they do not care about the time management because they get indulged in universe of technology where there is no end.

  • Wrong Information

Technology has availed us ample of information through the internet but the information are being posted on the internet is not entirely un to the standard of education, hence people need to understand the authentic source of information.

  • Source of distraction

While many students will use technology for their benefit, it is also very easy to get distracted in the process. There are so many ill-fitting and inappropriate things online that can attract students. When students spend too much time using technology they can get familiar with such things and easily access them. These kinds of distractions affect the learning of students and can be morally dangerous. Teachers and parents need to have strict boundaries regarding the use of technology.

Videos games and movies/videos are also very easily available online which can be another reason for distraction for students.

  • Source of cheating

Technology has become the source of cheating because most corruption cases are taking place because of technology.

  • Disconnection from the real world

Online learning does not provide real learning experience. Apart from this, students get disconnected while using the internet for the learning purpose hence they get disconnected from the real world.

  • Losing assignment at the last moment

Most students write their assignments through their laptops and computers however, complete dependency of assignment writing on the technology might make you stuck at any points of assignment writing.

  • Less impactful

Online lectures are less impressive as compare to offline lecture because online lectures are not able to catch the attention of students because speaker is not available before you.

  • EBooks replacing the physical books

Physical books have their own importance because it does not require any internet connection or dependency of technology but since people have started using the technology for reading the books, people tend to forget reading through physical books.

  • Technology affects health

The use of technology has made everything so accessible that the need to get up and move around to search for what you want has become a distant thought. The constant use of technology has made health issues very common. It has effects not only on your physical health but affects mental health also.

The screens of all smartphones, laptops, and iPads have made the complaint of poor eyesight common. The light they emit also causes headaches more frequently. Neck and spine problems have also become prevalent because of the posture and sitting that technology requires us to do.

The most common health effect that technology has on our health is obesity. Since it requires sitting in one place and no movement except your hands, students can get carried away and sit around for hours playing video games and watching movies and videos while eating junk foods. This can increase the weight which further causes issues such as heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Students also get bad posture due to sitting and curving their necks the wrong way.

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