Five Benefits of Hiring a Professional Designer for Your Book Cover

Five Benefits of Hiring a Professional Designer for Your Book Cover – Most writers can agree that writing, editing, and finalizing the manuscript of their books is one of the most daunting parts of the job. In an ideal world, finalizing your precious manuscript would end your hassle. But, in the real world, many other important steps await your attention.

One of these important steps in crafting a great book cover is that it reflects the essence of what’s written inside. Once you start looking into it, this process may overwhelm you, as a book cover can make or break your marketing strategy.

Although it may feel draining and may even be impossible at some points, it needs a lot of your time, resources, and dedication to come up with the best for your book. This process can be made easier with planning and the help of a professional book cover designer.

If you are struggling with creating an ideal book cover design for your work, here are a few essential benefits of hiring a professional book cover designer.

1. Create an Unforgettable Impression

Although “do not judge a book by its cover” is a great impression that can be apt for many circumstances, it may be the least applicable when it comes to books. After all, the book cover is the first point of contact you have with potential readers.

It is one of many reasons your book cover needs special attention. That is why millions of writers worldwide understand the importance of hiring professional book cover artists with years of experience on the subject matter.

Your book cover can enable a potential reader to create assumptions about its quality and content. It’s not in your control. Therefore, it’s best to focus on the aspects you can control, such as leaving the job of designing your book cover to professionals.

Experienced book cover designers can help you create unforgettable first impressions to ensure that the reader is attracted to your work. When the first impressions are so captivating, there is no way that potential readers will find their way to your work.

2. Reflect Your Genre

Every reader has some expectations from their preferred genre. For example, people drawn to fantasy fiction may be captivated by the art of world-building or escaping the ordinary by submerging themselves in a good book.

These expectations are not limited to the inside of a book. It also concerns the book cover and the book blurb. That is why you need the help of a professional book cover designer to help you create a book cover that reflects what awaits the reader.

A professional in the field can also help you avoid clichés and ensure that the related elements or main characters are reflected on the book cover. Most importantly, they ensure that your book cover has something unique to offer to the viewer.

When your book cover has unique art following certain genre guidelines, it can help you attract the right audience. This way, you can get the attraction of more people to create the right fan following.

3. Provide a Hook

A good book cover is made by so much. But most importantly, it’s all about creating the right balance between showing just enough and revealing too much. As a writer, it can get frustrating to figure out and represent the hook of your book effectively.

On the contrary, professional book cover designers have years of experience at hand. They can focus on providing a short glimpse of your story and its characters to create a longing in the reader to discover more about the cover.

This way, the potential reader of the book will understand much more than just the genre of your book through the cover. They will also see several reasons your book should go home with them and spend time on.

4. Unique Typography

There are millions of books adored by readers. Each book is unique in its own way. And believe it or not, uniqueness is one of the most captivating features for readers always looking for new work in their genre.

The most common mistake someone in your position may make is thinking that the cover design is enough to give the reader a sense of uniqueness. However, you may be surprised that your font can also be a deal breaker.

Using the wrong font may end up making your book look cheaper and more unprofessional. That is why it’s better to leave the matter of font selection to a professional book cover artist. They can find the best ways to ensure that your font cooperates with your success journey.

Many book cover artists can also modify some fonts in order to make your book cover look unique and innovative. This practice can redefine your work’s quality and credibility in the eyes of a viewer to ensure that they become a fan of your work.

5. Innovative Color Patterns

Every color has a story to tell and hence attracts the onlookers that are a right match for that. When it comes to the color scheme of your book, it may seem insignificant, but the right colors can speak volumes to the right reader.

When your reader enters the bookstore, they may be looking for certain colors or patterns that associate them with a certain genre. The right color scheme that they may have been looking for all along may capture their eye from miles away.

As a writer, you can play with color schemes to find the right patterns for your book. However, it is better to leave this important matter in the hands of professional book cover artists. They can find the best color scheme according to your book genre and its tone.

In addition, there are so many rules related to the usage of colors that may go behind creating the aspired effect on the reader. Your professional book cover with years of experience may know these rules by heart and will take no time to implement them to create a show-stopping book cover.

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