Brandon University Courses for International Students

Brandon university courses for international students will be highlighted in this content for you to have the knowledge about in case you might have been wondering whether it is a place to study in. Brandon University is ready to support Ukrainian refugees with an alternate admissions pathway, fee waivers, and sponsorship for tuition and non-tuition expenses like residence and textbooks.

Brandon University Courses for International Students

Brandon University is committed to providing the best possible educational experience for everyone, and to ensuring that you have the supports you need to succeed here. This Ukrainian university is opening your hearts, your arms, and your doors to students who have fled the war in Ukraine. For this course then, we will be giving you some of the Brandon university courses for international students. Most of these courses are science-based:

Applied Disaster & Emergency Studies

First on the list of the Brandon university courses for international students, this program was the first degree program of its type in Canadian universities, and introduces students to a broad range of technological, cultural and environmental risks of disasters with an emphasis on how the social and physical factors interact in disasters.

Graduates of the program are able to assist with all aspects of emergency management, including traditional preparedness and response activities as well as recovery efforts to help people affected by disasters get their lives back to normal and mitigation planning to prevent future damages.

Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies adopts a liberal arts and sciences approach to foster an appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of the field. The ADES curriculum balances theory and practice as well as the social and physical science perspectives.


Biology is about much more than the scientific study of life. In the first year of study you are introduced to the variety and diversity of life on the planet. Students in Biology can prepare for careers in the biological and biomedical sciences through more detailed courses. Many students focus on the study of evolutionary relationships among species.

Other students prepare for a future in laboratory research using tools ranging from molecular biology to microbial breeding. Our program has a reputation for producing high-quality students who go on to earn higher degrees in more specialized fields. This is no doubt one of the best of Brandon university courses for international students.


Chemistry deals with the nature of and changes in matter, which is why there are few sciences that do not involve chemistry.

Chemists study the nature of atoms, how atoms combine to produce molecules, and the properties of these molecules and how they react to produce new substances. Many of the comforts and conveniences we enjoy today are the result of the effective use of chemical knowledge. Think about fuels, plastics, food additives and drugs — these are only a few of the chemical products we use daily. While yielding many benefits to our society, chemistry has also been at the forefront of controversy, such as with pollution, global warming and chemical warfare.

The Chemistry Department attempts to convey to students some of the limitations of present knowledge and the need for further research.

Computer Science

As one of the Brandon university courses for international students, computer technology is growing rapidly and affecting our lives in many different ways. The computer is a powerful tool for storing, retrieving, manipulating and presenting data. A special by-product of studying computer science is the learning and developing of an ability to solve the problems that are important in today’s changing world.

In first year computer science, you will learn the Java programming language. The course is designed to challenge people who are fond of computers and mathematics, and possess the ability to think logically. Students with these interests or abilities will find computer science courses fascinating.


  • Business
  • Research
  • Software Development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Testing and Support

In addition to the various computer laboratories, the department runs the “BitCave” high-tech laboratory for senior students.

Environmental Science

This course is also another one of the Brandon university courses for international students. Environmental Science is the study of the interaction between plants and animals and the environment, and human impacts on these systems. This 4-year interdisciplinary program provides the scientific background necessary to address environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, resource management, and the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. This degree offers a wide range of career opportunities.

The program includes courses offered by each of the departments in the Faculty of Science, as well as courses from the Faculty of Arts such as Environmental Ethics.

All students complete a final year research project in preparation for professional practice.


Geography is about place and space in terms of people. It studies the interdependence among regions, natural systems, physical features, society and cultural activities. Using a “spatial” perspective, it aims to form a coherent understanding of Earth. Geographers explore answers to questions like:

  • Where are things or people located on the surface of the earth?
  • Why are they located there?
  • What processes are at work in developing those regions or features?

People with geography skills apply what they know in a wide variety of fields. Our recent grads have embarked on careers in urban and regional land use planning, conservation and resource management, mapping, geographic information systems and remote sensing, parks and recreation, teaching and research.

The department hosts the Center for Geomatics, which is a dedicated computer lab with facilities for geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and cartography. Practical training in this field significantly increases your employment marketability upon graduation.

Brandon University has arranged block transfer agreements for graduates from the Environmental Technologies programs at Assiniboine Community College (ACC) who wish to complete a concentration in geography. Students who have graduated from ACC with the Environmental Technologies Diploma in Land & Water Management may be eligible for a block transfer of 60 credit hours into the BU Department of Geography Environmental Studies Concentration. Students who have graduated from ACC with the Environmental Technologies diploma in GIS may be eligible for a block transfer of 60 credit hours into the BU Department of Geography Geomatics Concentration.


Geology is the study of the planet Earth. It is concerned with the origins of our planet, the evolution of life, the materials and morphology of the Earth and its history. It deals with the processes that shape the present landscape and those that acted throughout geologic time. Because the earth is a naturally occurring physical-chemical system, geology draws on other sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and geography. The modern geologist is a well-rounded scientist.

Geology is a practical science — geologic knowledge is applied in the search for sustainable development of Earth’s mineral and energy resources, and the evaluation of groundwater resources and environmental concerns. The Earth is dynamic, and geoscientists study and predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural phenomena, and their mitigation.


  • Petroleum Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Environmental Geologist
  • Government Agencies
  • Teaching
  • Graduate Studies in Geology
  • Resource Exploration
  • Consulting

A very wonderful one of the Brandon university courses for international students, the honors four-year degree program provides the academic requirements to become a registered Professional Geoscientist.


Mathematics involves the use of deductive reasoning and constitutes the basic language of the physical sciences. It is a way of thinking, a disciplined and logical approach to problem solving that will be of interest to people who enjoy mathematics either for its inherent interest or as a method of problem solving in related disciplines.

Mathematics is growing today more than ever before — both as a subject in its own right and in terms of its influence on science, engineering and business. Some of the more recent advances in physics, chemistry and biology use mathematical concepts. The divisions of science that previously used few, if any, mathematical skills are now putting more and more emphasis on mathematical reasoning and techniques. Statistics, which is an area of mathematics concerned with data analysis, is increasingly used in such disciplines as psychology, sociology, business and health studies.


  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Statistical Research
  • Teaching

Those pursuing careers in business management need to have some background in mathematics in order to understand some of the computer-based decision-making processes now in use.


Are you interested in the structure of matter and the interactions between the components that make up that matter? If so, you may make an excellent physicist or astronomer.

Physicists employ two strategies when examining matter: they conduct practical experiments and they make theoretical calculations. Physics is a basic science and permeates all other sciences, engineering, and technology. The scale of topics is vast. For example, in size and mass, topics ranges from elementary particles to the edges of the observable universe. Nonetheless, in our everyday world, physics is applied in meteorology, medicine, geophysics (exploration) and electronics. The challenges are endless!

Physics is increasing our knowledge on a daily basis through work in the traditional subdivisions of mechanics, wave motion, heat, electricity and magnetism and the so-called “modern physics”.


  • Administrator
  • Industrial and Governmental Researcher
  • Physicist
  • Software Developer
  • Teacher

Departmental facilities include a high-resolution reflector telescope.


Since psychological principles operate anywhere there are people, an understanding of these principles will help you make sense of why people behave as they do and, most importantly, how people learn.

Psychology serves a large percentage of the student body. Each faculty member specializes in a particular area of psychology. A wide variety of courses, representing the major topics that psychologists consider to be of importance in the understanding of behavior, are available. You may select areas of study that offer opportunities to carry out laboratory or field research under the supervision of a faculty member.


  • Business Consulting
  • Counselling
  • Law
  • Social Services
  • Social Work
  • Teaching

Graduates who choose a career in academic psychology have a wide variety of paths to consider. Research into human social behavior and personality, child development, life span psychology and other areas provide numerous and fascinating challenges.

Psychology, like other sciences, has become dependent on the use of computer technology for the study of behavior, artificial intelligence, and brain processes, so that students who are interested in computer applications will find demands for their skills.

English proficiency Requirements

For you to pick any of the Brandon university courses for international students successfully, you will need to meet up with this requirement.

Since the primary language of instruction at Brandon University is English, you must meet our English Language Proficiency Requirement. This can be done by supplying official results from one of our normally accepted English proficiency assessments ( or one of the following online language assessments:

  • CAEL online – minimum score of 60
  • IELTS Indicator Online English Language Test – minimum overall score of 7.0
  • TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition
    • Undergraduate programs – minimum overall score of 80 with minimum score of 20 in each testing section
    • Graduate programs – minimum overall score of 86 with minimum score of 20 in each testing section
  • Duolingo – minimum score of 115

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