How to Set Up a Lucrative Car Wash Business in Nigeria [Step by Step]

Car wash business in Nigeria is such a cool business that brings in big money even though few people are aware of this fact. It has become a successful enterprise in Nigeria today that its reliability as a source of income for any man who hope to survive both legally and without working under any man for meagre salary.

How to Set Up a Lucrative Car Wash Business in Nigeria [Step by Step]

This very lucrative business may seem ‘dirty’ and financially unyielding but contrary to such opinion,it has turned out to be very profitable given the number of cars that storm the Nigerian roads every day. More to be considered is the fact that, as costs of living rise everyday civil servants, business men/women, freelancers who own cars find lesser time that will allow them the pleasure of relaxing let alone washing their cars by themselves. As a matter of need therefore, the instructive pushes them to businesses that can do the washing for them based on financial agreement.

Informed by this new wave of opportunity and the arising need that follows, people who are wise enough with interest in finding honest means of making cool and sufficient fund have seized this golden opportunity. The more people drive into the business and become successful, the more space for new interested entrepreneurs help boost the nation’s economy and reduce the rate of unemployment.

Steps to Take Before Setting Up Car Wash Business

Before any man will decide to set up a business, there are steps that he/she must have taken. Some of these viable steps are discussed below:

  1. Feasibility Study

Cost estimation on every needed item must be made as this will give an understanding of how finamcially prepared you are.

  1. Register

This is one of the crucial steps to take before setting up the car wash business or any at all. Once the certainty of establishing a business is within grasp, the next to be done is registering it under incumbent regulatory authorities in the country. This will at least give your business the legal backing that you need for the peace of it without interruption.

  1. Publicity

It is of ultimate necessity for any business which hopes to thrive like any of it before to take to the creation of awareness and astute visibility in the area and probably beyond through the sharing of  complimentary cards, bills, and posters with friends, families, customers and acquaintances. This will go a long way to help promote the business.

  1. Maintain Good Relations

Any business person who aims to go far in the journey of profit making must learn how to understand how to deal with people from different backgrounds. With the Car Wash business in Nigeria, you tend to meet persons with high ego or self inflated sensibilities, employed personalities carrying about the stress of work, and so on may easily get aggressive or sometimes unnecessarily express a burst of demeaning attitude, you must patiently manage them however if you desire not to lose your customers.

  1. Be Smart and Hardworking

Smartness and diligence are the most useful materials for success anywhere in any business. Anybody into the car wash business in Nigeria must be by nature hardworking and by the course of situation smart enough to cover up a large number of cars in a day without delaying any. Becoming an employer of labour could be another smart way of being hardworking.

How to Set Up a Lucrative Cash Wash Business in Nigeria (Step by Step)

Having been so sure about putting the precedents in place, you have successfully secured the readiness to set up a very lucrative car wash business in Nigeria. Nonetheless, you will still need these highlights which are necessary requirements that make up the process of car wash business establishment:

A. Good Location

This is in fact the most important part that forms the nucleus of profitability in businesses. A nice geographical space is necessary if the business must maintain continuity and limit-breaking success. The most suitable location for a car wash business in Nigeria must be the one which is very close to the main road and must be spacious enough to take cars and relaxation centre.

B. Car Wash Machine

What will be the essence of a car wash business without the car wash machine? For efficiency and speed, the machine becomes a compulsory need. It makes you deliver optimum services faster and better.

C. Water (Borehole or Well)

A running borehole water should adequately be in place as the business cannot function at all without the provision of this facility; it is also of prominent importance.

D. Storage Tanks

Owning storage tanks are preventive measures by which one can retain confidence against the fear of ever running out of water. It is indeed a smart move to be taken by any cash wash business owner.

E. Generator Set

This is also needed for the pumping machine and every other machines that may need electricity before they function. Car wash business in Nigeria needs constant availability of electricity but in a country where the story is different when it comes to this, it is pertinent that one gets a generator set for the sake of need.

F. Buckets, Towels, Brushes and Detergents

These are necessary items that must form the core parts of your cost estimation at the start of it all. Since no car wash business in Nigeria or anywhere can really be taken seriously without the items, the purchase of these in large quantities should not be overlooked. They are the tools that bring out the diligence and smartness in you.


With the exponential rise in unemployment rate in Nigeria, graduates or interested persons must learn to look at other honest and legitimate ways by which they can make money without reliance on individuals or government for jobs or survival. The car wash business is one of those lucrative ways or businesses that can give you a lot for you to become as independent as an entrepreneur.

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